Leading Business data companies in India


Top Big Data Analytics Companies in India 2020

Business data providers, also known as Big Data Analytics are analytics that helps in systematically interpreting and securing data, that is enormous and intricate to be dealt with by the standard data-processing software. Therefore, in a nutshell, big data helps in simplifying the processes of examining complex and large data sets like business trends, anonymous associations, hidden patterns, and client preferences. Thus, big data or business data providing companies are a boon for small corporations as they help in expanding your business, along with making versed decisions. With that said, here is a list of top 10 business data provider companies.

  1. TOFLER-

TOFLER is a top-notch company that offers few of the most essential services for all sorts of businesses. One of the most primary aims of TOFLER is to provide its customers with the most insightful knowledge and services based on capital, assets, company profiles, credit history, and company structures. 

  1. Mu Sigma-

Mu Sigma is a tech-based consultancy firm that aims to prioritize and offer big data services. This leading company along with having a global presence is one of the most magnificent data science companies. This firm is undeniably one of the largest data analytics firm that helps other corporations systematically scale wiser decision-making with the help of business intelligence services. 


THIRDEYE DATA is one of the most promising big data company that has been providing the most brilliant big data services from the last 10 years. Along with designing analytics and AL services from absolute scratch, this company has assisted and partnered with few of the most popular companies such as Google, Nokia, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Chegg, etc. 


SOFTWEB SOLUTIONS is one of the most popular tech consultancy companies. This Elgin based company has offices in Ahmedabad and Dallas. Softweb Solutions has a complete team of about 300 members since 2006 and provides the most brilliant big data consulting, IT-Strategy consulting, SI & cloud hosting, and services for primarily business-level customers. 


FULLESTOP is a top web design company that has a team of over 141 people. This firm is popularly known for providing services in data consulting, web development, mobile applications, S.I additional services, IT-staff argumentation, digital strategy, and social media advertising. 


This brilliant company is based in Delhi and specializes in agile web development. Along with having offices in Chandigarh, London, and Sydney, this company has a team of over 250 since 2002. This company serves midmarket, enterprise, and small corporations in healthcare and IT services. 


INDIUM SOFTWARE is a tech-based company that provides big data services and custom software development for enterprise, midmarket, and small corporations. The headquarters of this company is situated in Princeton. The office branches of this company include Chennai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Sunnyvale, Malaysia, and Calif. 


TRESELLE SYSTEMS is a product development and technology services based company and has its main office in Campbell, Calif. The other offices of this company are situated in different parts of the world such as Chennai, Singapore, Durham, and London. This company was launched in 2004 and fundamentally focuses on business clients. 


VIRTUSAPOLARIS is a leading firm based on tech solutions and has a global presence. Along with offering a plethora of IT services like Big data, software development, business process outsourcing, and web development, this company has been in the competitive industry of IT since 1993. 


FRACTAL ANALYSIS is undeniably one of the leading Indian companies and has over 500 customers. This company primarily specializes in providing services based on big data, life science, banking, retails, IT, healthcare, CPG, Media, finance, and telecommunication.


LEAD PYRAMID along with having the most skilled and professional team is a technology-related company. A few of the most essential, prominent, and exceptional services of this company are leveraging technology like artificial intelligence, predictive analysis, data providing, perspective analytics, and natural language. 

Thus, it is no surprise that quality analysis of your data is extremely essential for the proper growth and expansion of your company. Big data providers are your one-stop solution for making wise business-related decisions with which you can conveniently profit your company.

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