Is Your Business Website Due for a Refresh?

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Company Needs a Business Website Design Refresh

With the digital marketing space moving at a rapid pace, having an outdated website can have a negative impact on your business. Two question we often hear from businesses we consult with about digital strategy, is “Do I need a website redesign to compete or rank better?”, or if we recommend a redesign, “Why do I need to redesign my website?”.

Here’s a quick summary of the key considerations:

  • Your Target Audience Changed

Maybe you were targeting a certain demographic or user group, and with the release of a new product or service you’re shifting your target personas or market strategy.

Each type of user that your website is targeting may have specific needs, and thus, a website redesign may need to take place to align your website with the expectations of your new user groups.

  • Missing or Updating Brand Messaging

It’s important to present a unified, clear, and consistent brand message throughout your website. This means your slogans, tag lines, brand voice, value proposition, mission/why statement are all important factors when determining how well your website reflects your brand and your business.

  • Your Website’s Purpose Was Updated

If your site’s purpose or goals have changed it may require a website overhaul. For example, if you’re new goals are to provide more lead generation content you may need to restructure pages to drive more leads; or if you’ve recently added a shopping cart to your website, you may need to update its layout to be more in line with other eCommerce websites.

  • Your Clients or Users Are Complaining

Working closely with your customer service team is a great way to identify issues with your current website. Your website design and content strategy need to be addressed if your customer service team is getting calls that include people saying things such as:

  • I can’t find you online.
  • Your website is not usable on a mobile device.
  • I am having trouble checking out and buying your product.
  • Do you offer product x or service y?
  • Where is your business located?
  • Your Website Looks Untrustworthy or Outdated

Whether you believe it or not, approximately 75% of people will judge the credibility of your business based solely on the design of your website and you need to monitor it all the time.

What’s Next

Your website could be beautiful, functional, and pixel-perfect, but if you still aren’t getting the results you want, you need to reach out to us at We are the leading website design company in Chandigarh who understands your website is your brand.

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