Intuit Is Discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager

Intuit Is Discontinuing Intuit Sync Manager

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Introduction to sync manager:

Intuit sync manager is a software that supports Quickbooks database data to run on your computer. By using sync manager one can download transactions on the net. Banks and personal financial software started using online banking and payments. Small business related software was used. Some applications developed by the third party are Tsheets and Fundbox. Read this post for detailed information or get connected to QuickBooks support and talk to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to resolve any query you have in your mind.

What is meant by discontinuation of sync manager?

  •  March 1, 2016, any mediator that use Intuit Sync Manager will not be allowed to access user’s data.
  •  May 31, 2016, any apps or features developed by Intuit that use Intuit Sync Manager will not be allowed to access user’s data.
  • Apps that use their own sync tool, or the Web Connector provided by Intuit, are not impacted at all.

What is the need for discontinuing the need of sync managers?

  1. Due to advancement in technology, one has gone for other options than using the sync manager.
  2.  Increase in the number of users using online applications in comparison to desktop applications.

Discontinuing of sync manager by Intuit

To get rid of the Intuit sync manager is a challenging task for the developers. There are many ways to access intuit sync manager in Quickbooks. The main trigger for Intuit was the increasing number of users for the cloud. This is a logical step of Intuit to focus on the cloud rather desktop.

They have throttled this tool to use it in a desktop. It was a mistake for them to try to integrate cloud with desktop applications. They wasted so much precious time integrating cloud with desktop applications.

Some time has passed since Intuit has discontinued the use of sync manager. It had the facility to securely synchronize Quickbooks data with the mediator applications.

There are some services added on to the sync manager. Intuit proposed recommendations in which we do not have to rely on the sync manager. Sync manager will get finished on 31st March 2016. 

Many third-party developers have provided a solution to use their app. Quickbooks Sync manager manage errors and support numbers. At times we find   errors shown by the

Desktop syncs. The initial syncs show an error because of the difference in the manner in which Intuit and jobber store information. We need not bother about it as it is resolved automatically. If you are making use of a product affected by service discontinuity. Then, in order to access your services, you need to update it to the recent version of Quickbooks desktop. 

Calendar year 2018 discontinuation policy.

Fully supported products Products for which service will be discontinued after 31st May 2018
QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier 19, 18, 17, 16 QuickBooks Desktop Pro 15

QuickBooks Premier 15 (General Business, Contractor, Manufacturing &  Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services,

 and Retail)

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2016 QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2015



Here we have discussed the Intuit’s Sync manager. It is a software that integrates cloud applications with desktop applications. Then we just made the cloud applications independent of sync manager.

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