Improve Your Instagram Video Marketing Approach

You already know, the video is not the future but the present and at this time if you like any video on Instagram then you will definitely download this video with the help of an Instagram video downloader

So if you want to stay up to date on marketing, it is a good idea to be aware of the news around this type of content. Fundamentally to apply it to your social networks. Do you want to offer more value to your community? Do not miss these 5 Tools for Video Marketing on Instagram. 

Instagram video tools:

Considering that video is one of Instagram’s strong bets, in addition to its own functionalities, it makes sense that the company launches (or buys) tools like instadownloaderpro that encourage its use. 

This is the case of Boomerang and Hyperlapse. The two own tools of Instagram that help create more attractive and entertaining videos for the community. 

Instagram Boomerangs

This tool creates a GIF effect by creating a looped mini-video that often has fun results. Thanks to this effect, we are already 100% familiar with this term since this simple tool has become part of our day today. 

It allows you to create boomerangs directly from the Stories menu and save them on your device.  Just select the option and after this click on the button. Of course, do not forget to save it if you want to just keep it as a souvenir on your reel. 

Create videos with Instagram Hyperlapse

It creates videos of only 30 seconds. The perfect duration for the platform to create this type of “time-lapse” video. 

In addition to being able to adjust the playback speed of the clips to adapt them to 30 seconds, the app can substantially improve your videos thanks to its stabilizer. 

The hyperlapse stabilization functionality is really useful for videos made with smartphones. 

Video for Instagram with GoPro Quick:

Thinking about the video is almost thinking about GoPro since the action camera company has managed to make its cameras a Top of Mind. But like any leader, it has not been reduced to capturing only the users of their own cameras. 

GoPro has launched the Quick application, which allows any user of iOS or Android to create and edit videos from their own devices. 

Its operation is simple: once GoPro Quick has access to the camera, all you have to do is select from your photo reeled the images or videos with which you are going to build your video clip. Once selected you can choose between different covers, music, and duration among other settings. 

Jumprope: video tutorials for Instagram

With this app, users can create attractive videos without being experts in video marketing. Jumprope is a very easy to use app that achieves amazing results. It is especially useful for creators of video tutorials such as recipes or step-by-step DYI. 

The operation is very simple, especially for such a complete application. Through a system of steps (you can add as much as you like) the video is created. In each of these phases, you can add an image, a photo or even a boomerang and it is perfect for creating content on Instagram. 

Agorapulse: Edit and Schedule Instagram videos 

With Agorapulse you can publish and schedule content in your feed directly from the application, video included! (Make sure before you have direct publishing configured) 

Also schedule and post on Instagram Stories. Very useful for not having to be entering the application several times a day to share your stories. 

You can publish video sequences: set the optimal times to publish your content for each day of the week, upload the videos to the app and Agorapulse will publish them for you.

Agorapulse allows you to re-publish content and create groups of hashtags, two very useful features when creating your publication calendar.

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