How To Start a Courier Company

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You all know that in all the things that are being sold nowadays, most of the items are being sold online, so nowadays, the courier company’s business has started to grow a lot, thus opening a courier company can be a very profitable deal. If you want to start your courier service, we will give you complete information about it.

Through courier company, you can take Franchise of big companies like- Amazon, Flipcart, E-bey, etc. and get their delivery, then how can you take Franchise of the company about it? We will tell you if you want to know about it, then for this, read our post from beginning to end.

Let’s know if you want to know about how to start the Courier Company; then we will give you complete information about it, we hope you will get all your questions answered in our post today

How to open a courier company

Suppose you want to open your own courier company. In that case, you have two options for this; if you have a lot of money, then you can start your courier service and secondly you can start a courier service by taking Franchise of a famous company is.

If you want to start your own courier company, then you need a lot of money for this, so you have to find an investor to set up your company, for this, you have to register as a private limited company and get investors to share allot By raising funds, you can start your own company.

Although many courier companies in India are running their business successfully, here is the list of some of the major courier companies. Let’s know about this.

  • Indian Postal Service
  • DTDC Courier And Cargo Ltd
  • DHL India Private Ltd
  • Overseas Logistic
  • Fedex India
  • Trackon Courier Pvt Ltd
  • First Flight Courier Ltd

How To Take Courier Franchise

In this, you can collect the company’s Fix Security and take its Franchise. For this, a bond paper is prepared in which information about all the conditions is given. Apart from this, the purchase has to be made from all the stationery companies related to the courier.

In this, the company gives its list, which is called Transhipment Charge (TCS). All the money above Franchise TCS will be taken from the customer; the same Franchise will earn.


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