How To Prepare Your Piano For Storage?

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Every piano owner knows and understands how important it is to take proper care of this delicate musical instrument. Whether you are a music lover, a professional musician, or just a new learner, at some point in time you may find the need for storing your piano. The reason for piano storage can be anything such as the renovation of your home, planning to move, or simply sending your piano to someone living at a far place.

In this case, for ensuring the proper care of your piano, it is important to choose the right and reliable grand piano storage platform. Professional and experienced piano storage and piano delivery service always take all the necessary measures to keep your piano in good condition.

Here are some important tips to accurately prepare your piano for storage.

  1.    Clean and Inspect the Piano

It is best to clean your piano in a proper manner before sending it to a storage unit. If you send a dusty organ to the storage unit then it can lead to the rust, pest infestation, and other kinds of damage. You can easily polish it at home and also check that all the casters are properly tight before you send it to the storage unit.

Be careful when cleaning the piano keys as they are very delicate. Use a damp cloth to clean them and choose a polish recommended by the manufacturer which is specially made for pianos.

  1.    Choose a Climate-Controlled unit

It is very important that you choose the storage facility which has proper climate controlled units for storing your piano. As all pianos are made of wooden material, thus they can really get affected from the frequent climate change.

All pianos are very delicate and they are extremely sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. If you put them under extreme changing climate conditions then it can cause quick warping and even deterioration of the finish.

  1.    When to Tune the Piano

It would be relay beneficial to tune your piano before moving. However, many professional experts suggest that it is better to wait for tuning till the shifting of piano. You should tune it after it gets shifted to a new environment. You should wait for a minimum of two weeks after the move.

Thus, to tune your piano after its move, it is necessary to store it in a unit near your home so that you can easily access the unit for tuning anytime.

  1.    Cover the piano with fabric

To ensure the cleanliness and safety of your piano, make sure that you protect it with a fabric cover. Choose a good cover that can provide the optimal level of protection and coverage to piano from dust and other particles in the air. Choose a big cloth so that it properly covers the legs and wheels of the piano as well.


Choose grand piano storage and professional piano delivery service to ensure the maximum protection of your valuable piano.

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