How to Fold Chinese Food Boxes into Plates

Chinese Food Boxes

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So you own a Chinese restaurant or takeaway and best Chinese Food Boxes are on your list? Out of all fancy types of boxes, modern and unique ones that can be folded into plates for Chinese takeaway foods are the most functional. Top quality plate foldable Custom Chinese Food Boxes offer all great features like:

  • Rigid materials
  • Attractive printing
  • Accurate designs
  • Freshness enhancing air sealed finish

Chinese Food Boxes into Plates

The only upgrade you get is the ability to fold or technically unfold these boxes in shapes of very practical plates. Designed very carefully, these boxes are fast becoming the new trend in the Chinese food boxes industry. However, when getting your perfect plate foldable Chinese food packaging, there just cannot be any other compromises as well. Food will still need to be packaged in organized ways, it will be enjoyed fresh when taken out and its packaging should be pretty attractive. Read below to find out how these can be folded into perfect on the go plates and their benefits for everyone:

Chinese Food Boxes that Fold Into Plates

When you consider boxes that fold perfectly into plates, you should actually mean boxes that are made and cut for that purpose. Practically, you could, in theory, turn any box into a plate. However, when you need to consume proper Chinese food on the go in them, ones that are not made for this don’t serve well. Plate foldable Chinese Food Boxes are very much a thing now and get designed in proper ways.

Usually, there is a die cut template procedure that provides very accurate shapes and designs to these boxes. All their sides, flaps, and folds are very accurate and sturdy enabling them to be folded into plates and hold the weight of your food perfectly. High-quality materials that are very durable and rigid are a must for these types of food boxes.

Folding Custom Chinese Food Boxes Into Plates

When you have just the right kind of plate folding Custom Chinese Food Boxes, you should find them very easy to be folded into plates. However, necessary precautions must be taken when your food is still inside them. Beware that some plate foldable boxes need food items to be removed from the first and then folded into plates. There are other advanced ones that can be unfolded even when food items are in them. Here’s how it can be done:

  • Your boxes should have indicators or arrows pointing towards exact flap that needs to be folded first and then one after. Good quality plate foldable boxes come with instructions printed right on them, make sure to have ones that do
  • There should be sturdy locks in some shape of a flap or side that will lock in place with each side. These locks will be responsible for forming that plate shape from your usual cardstock food boxes. Make sure every lock sits in place and your plates will not lose their shape at all
  • Some boxes don’t have locks but have their cardstock materials given very accurate 90-degree folds. These folds don’t allow them to fall down and be flattened out. Only by pulling slightly on their sides, you can fold them into a plate shape
  • Make sure to only fold boxes into plates that are made for this purpose. Also, do this while you are not moving. When in a vehicle or even walking or moving, the slight jerks and hand-shakes can cause food to spill out. When done right, your plates formed from nothing but Chinese Food Boxes should be able to serve well without needing any other plates at all.

How Are These Beneficial?

Although your good old Custom Chinese Food Boxes have done pretty well this new style of boxes bring many applications for consumers. Although the manufacturing costs and material quality or printing features stay pretty much the same for food retailers and packaging manufacturers, the most benefitting party is usually food consumers. When you look at it deeply, any Chinese food takeaway or restaurant using this modern style of packaging boxes should become popular in their market. After all, the whole purpose of providing a feature is to attract customers offering them satisfactory quality at all times.

Chinese Food Boxes Beneficial

These are aimed towards busier modern people. With most of us finding very busy work routines and daily life activities, it is becoming hard to spare much time for food. Food on the go is becoming the new diner replacement in many parts of the world. With these plate foldable Chinese food-packaging boxes, consuming food on the go takes a new turn. Where Chinese foods were for a very long time considered to very dining in sort of options, now they can be enjoyed on the go as well. Consumers can just turn their packaging boxes into plates and not have to take foods home using their own plates for them.

Implications for Chinese Restaurants for Takeaways

Chinese food places like takeaways and restaurants should practically observe no changes in their packaging concerns. Their food boxes should still be made from the same high-quality cardstock materials that are able to keep food temperature preserved for long periods. Their packaging boxes should also be able to provide all the necessary protection along with food organization at the same time. Accurate shapes, sizes, and designs should all be included with their plate foldable boxes.

Chinese Restaurants for Takeaways

These boxes should also be shipped flat in a form that is easy to assemble into shape while being very storage friendly as well. Even though these boxes have a slightly different cut and joined sides, printing should be very same as well. Chinese Food Boxes should always have brand logo printing when in their plate foldable format as well. Their price points and wholesale bulk purchase deals should all be included as well. When you think about it, there is practically no change or difference for restaurants or takeaways when it comes to plate folding boxes. They should, however, be able to market their brand better with this newly added feature.

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