How to be an Excellent Piano Teacher?

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You Have the Skills to Become a Piano Teacher

If we are really committed to our work related to music, and if our personal vocation has led us to choose the profession of a piano teacher, it is imposed as a moral imperative to ask ourselves how we can become an excellent piano teacher, if it is that we are not yet. Because excellence, in every human activity, implies that in each of our acts and our works, in every little or great thing that we do every day, it appears and the best version of ourselves is expressed.

That is to say, to be excellent implies that our potential does not remain in the mere possibility but that it always passes to the act to dye from crystalline and luminous light the world that we inhabit.

It is clear that in the world mediocrity dominates, but we should not consider this assertion in a derogatory or pejorative way towards people, but we should understand it as a way of indicating that a great part of the potential and the possibilities of greatness of people sleep inside of them, and it does not manage to reach the act to take shape in the world.

The mediocre is not someone who has failed or has an irrecoverable abnormality that condemns him, but someone who has decided to renounce excellence with all the possibilities on his side to achieve it, that is, someone who has decided not to provide the better version of himself in everything he does.

Therefore, mediocrity is a habit where the person, instead of giving the best of himself at every moment, gives the worst, his poorest version.

Of course, as director of the School of Piano Technology of Buenos Aires, where we teach piano tuning through distance and face-to-face courses, I can only advise piano teachers on how to be excellent only from the point of view of my specialty, it is to say, from the point of view of how the tuning and state of the piano of an excellent teacher should be.

But first let’s see what is the state of the piano in terms of its tuning of a mediocre teacher, that is, of most teachers.

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Best Ways to Stand Out as a Piano Teacher

In the first place, the piano this type of teachers is unacceptably out of tune, not to mention that it can also be out of tune, in little or much. The mediocre teacher, who is a paradigm of owning a disease that in the past we have called ” desalinates “, considers that he is apt to teach music a flat or out of tune piano.

Without flinching from the aberrant sounds that emanate from his piano, and without caring in the slightest the damage it causes in the total memory and in the delicate auditory formation of his students, this type of teacher gives classes in unfit pianos such as without anything abnormal happening. And to consider normal the abnormal, as it happens in them, is a serious disease.

Various researches have shown that the auditory formation of music students, that is, their ability to recognize tonalities and to develop their musical sensibility and their absolute hearing, is in intimate relation with the state of the tuning of the pianos with which has learned.

Those who have learned music in pianos of teachers, or in their own pianos, that were out of tune or fallen of tone, have generated notable damage to their musical formation.

For this reason, if you are a piano student of a teacher who has his piano out of tune, immediately flee from there and find a better teacher, who is up to the excellent circumstances that you deserve.

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According to my own research on the ideal periodicity in the tuning of the piano, sketched in the book of my authorship “Pitch tuning – A philosophical-musical essay”, I have come to the conclusion that the pianos, to maintain their level of musical excellence, should be tuned, at least, once a month.

If any other player refines his instrument several times a day, and a concert piano is tuned between same-day performances, why, then, do piano teachers tune their instrument, at best, every 6 or 12 months? Not to mention those who fine-tune it every few years, which are not few.

Therefore, without excuses, an excellent piano teacher should have his piano in an ideal state of tuning all the time. You are one of them? Hope so. If you’re not, you can learn to tune your piano with us. We are dedicated to that.

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