How is being sleep-deprived harmful for you?

Body overheating
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You may not be aware of this fact, tired drivers cause more deadly accidents than drunk drivers. So, there are two lessons for you. Don’t drink and drive. Get quality sleep before driving. Body overheating at night or whatever is the reason, you should not stay up all night. You are not just going to feel tired and cranky the next day. Sleep deprivation is not good for physical and mental health. Poor slumber is linked with a wide range of health problems. This varies from weight gain to a weak immune system.

Poor sleep can lead to

Memory Issues

Lack of sleep affects both long-term and short-term memory. When your body is taking rest, your brain is creating new connections. These connections help in processing and remembering new information.      

Trouble with thinking and concentration

Getting adequate sleep improves your creativity, problem-solving skills and concentration.

Mood changes

Expect being moody, quick-tempered and emotional if you have not slept last night. This can cause depression and anxiety.


Driving while tired causes more deaths than driving while drunk.

 Weakened immunity

Being sleep-deprived can deprive your body of its ability to fight against the virus causing health problems such as common cold and flu. This happens because sleep-deprivation weakens your immune system.

High Blood Pressure

Sleeping less than five hours a night increases the risk of high blood pressure.

Risk for diabetes

Not getting enough sleep affects your body’s natural ability to release insulin. It is a hormone that lowers blood-sugar level. Higher blood-sugar level increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.   

Weight gain

Not getting quality sleep can disturb the balance of some chemicals. These chemicals signal the brain that your hunger is satisfied. Since the balance of these chemicals is disturbed, you are most likely to eat more even when you have eaten enough.     

Low sex drive

Sleep deprivation affects your ability to produce testosterone, a male sex hormone. Reduced production of this hormone results in low sex drive and other similar problems.       

Risk of heart disease

Sleep deprivation not only increases the risk of high blood pressure, but it also increases the level of chemicals linked with inflammation.

Poor balance      

Your coordination and balance are also affected when you sleep less.

This clearly shows that being sleep deprived is not good for your body and mind. Whether you are unable to sleep due to body overheating at night or there is some other reason, you have to fix this problem. You can use a cool memory foam mattress, an under blanket fan or a climate control system to maintain an ideal temperature within your bed sheet.

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