Give wings to your investment banking career with IBCA Certification

investment banking certification

The banking career has always been a lucrative field inviting all finance students to the world of banking.

Investment Banking is no different. In fact, in the current century, investment banking is one of the most profitable careers, as the industry is at intersection of globalization and technology. And as an investment banking professional you should be aware of all the opportunities available in the market.

Understand this: Globalization revolutionized how money happened to organizations and technology had accelerated the pace at which wealth is built and dropped.

The time in the current world demands to constantly update, upgrade your skills and retrain to learn new ones and knowledge to keep the pace with the industry. So whether you are preparing for a career in follow-on or IPO equity capital markets; or mergers & acquisitions, or high-yield or even investment grade bond markets, you should always be in the mode of constantly learning new skills and update your knowledge.

And investment banking certification – Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBP) from Investment Banking Council of America ensures that you stay ahead of the competitive curve with the competitive course outline and cutting-edge assignments designed for candidates to practice them on.

Let’s have a detailed look at this CIBP banking certification from IBCA. The CIBP certification by Investment Banking Council of America – one of the renowned names in the world of finance in the US–that offers professional banking certifications in the investment banking.

CIBP is the globally-recognized certification program in the world of investment banking and is ideal for graduates, undergraduates with either a degree in finance or business-related discipline.

Internationally renowned and accepted by the top-class organizations, employers, and recruiters – Chartered Investment Banking Professional is a certification program that helps finance professionals globally to align and upgrade their understanding, competence, and qualification to what the current investment bankers need. The CIBP is an ideal qualification for graduating MBA students – who are eager to showcase their readiness for the most complex roles in the challenging world of investment banks.

Note: finance majors from global business and finance schools are interesting in completing CIBPprogram in order to increase their career choices in investment banking advisory, underwriting, M&A, trading and financial analysis, and sales.

Developed on the IBANX framework, candidates can register for CIBP from and take examination online from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes as well. The certification program has evolved out of comprehensive market and technical studies on knowledge and skills required to excel in numerous important roles in the investment banking industry.

Can you enroll for the program – Check it here!

Here is a list of professionals who can enroll for the certification program. Check out whether you fit the bill.

  • An undergraduate with a degree in finance, business, or related field with a professional experience of three years.
  • An MBA graduate in investment management, financial analysis, finance accounting, or related majors with professional experience of two years.
  • Professionals who are already working in the investment banking industry.
  • Students from globally accredited universities and business schools who wish to see their career take a flight in the sky of success.

 What are you waiting for? Just go ahead and get yourself enrolled for the world-class credentialing program in the world of investment banking. With four candidacy track to enroll for the program, just check and register for the program and get going.

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