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8 Ways Online Reviews Impact Your Business

The emergence of the internet has completely revolutionized the way people shop. Instead of blindly turning to a local business, they can now do a thorough research before making a purchase. While paying attention to your paid marketing, consumers also read online reviews. In fact, these things have never been more important. According to studies, about 90 percent of consumers read at least one review before clicking on that “add to cart” button. In case you’re still not convinced that you need online reviews, let’s take a look at eight ways they can impact your business.

Social proof leads to more sales

Let’s start with the most obvious one. When running a business, you’re always supposed to aim at increasing your sales and boosting your income. This is exactly something online reviews can help you with as social proof is known to lead to more sales. Even when coming from a complete stranger, social proof can help a consumer decide to spend money in your business. Online reviews are one of the biggest sources of social proof, making it obvious that encouraging people to review your company on the web is a great idea. The more detailed their reviews are, the more social proof they can generate.

They’re better than word of mouth

Although word of mouth can still help you land new customers, it’s slowly being replaced by online reviews. According to some reports, the effectiveness of word of mouth is seeing a 2 percent drop every year while online reviews are constantly gaining more attention. Not only this but consumers say that they trust online reviews much more than they trust recommendations from friends and family. It’s just that these things allow them to do their own research and make a purchase decision themselves. Besides word of mouth, celebrity endorsements are becoming less popular and it seems they’ll soon be replaced by online reviews as well.

SEO has never been more important

No matter how long you’ve been operating, you to hear much about SEO. Consumers now prefer turning to search engines when looking for a product or service and companies that rank the best are most likely to succeed. Algorithms search engines now use do care about online reviews and the more of them you get, the better your business is going to rank. This is mostly because web reviews create more content on your website and include the same keywords you focus on. Not to mention that search engines such as Google love microformats online reviews are written in and it looks like their popularity will only increase in the future.

Consumer want to buy from the best in the field

Consumers want the best value they can get for their money. This is why they often feel most confident about turning to businesses that are considered the best at what they do. In other words, the better your reputation is, the more sales you’ll make. For instance, in the iGaming industry, players are always looking to spin slots and play other casino games on the best websites available. Just examine these casino reviews and see how they helped these iGaming providers boost their reputation and credibility. Written by casino experts, the reviews in this list help players narrow down their choice and find casinos that suit their needs.

They help you connect with customers

Marketers have always known just how important connecting on a deeper level with customers is. If you get it right, it’s easy to turn a one-time customer into a loyal follower of your brand. Nowadays, there are numerous ways you can start conversations with your customers such as posting content on social media and responding to comments you get. Another extremely effective way to do this is to ask people who buy from you to review your business. This shows them that you care about what they have to say and makes them more likely to buy from you again in the future.

People search for “company name + reviews”

Data has never received more use than it does at the moment. Information experts collect shows that more and more users search for “company name + reviews.” Let’s say a consumer wants to dine at a local fast food restaurant. As soon as they find a restaurant that suits their needs, they’ll search for online reviews and engage in content that helps them decide whether turning to that specific restaurant is a good idea. Whatever sector you’re in, if they don’t see good reviews, they won’t contact you at all. It only takes consumers who do this a few minutes to decide and the best way to attract them to your business is to have more satisfied customers review it.

They’re essential to decision making

Not every customer who enters your website and browses your products will make a purchase. In fact, it’s common for consumers to skim the website, put products in their shopping cart, and leave without clicking on the “confirm order” button. One of the reasons behind this is that they don’t feel confident enough to spend money without getting to hold the product in their hands before spending money. They often decide to do some extra research before making a purchase decision and if your business gets reviews often enough, you could help them decide to buy from you.

Candidates read them as well

People often assume that it’s only consumers who read online reviews but recent studies say different. Data shows that 83 percent of job seekers read online reviews before applying for a position they’re interested in. They want to get hired by the best company in the field and often shape their decision based on the reviews they read. Since you should always aim at attracting the best talent available, encouraging customers to write reviews becomes even more important. Job seekers also pay much attention to reviews written by people relevant for the industry you operate in.

Over to you

The bottom line is, online reviews impact your business in a number of ways and encouraging people to leave them has never been more important. Build a base of customers who’re ready to share their pleasant experience with you on the web and you’ll do well.

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