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Kitchen Renovation Guide – Kitchen Design Ideas

A remodel is on the cards and you are struggling to find the right designer that can plan the right look and workflow for your kitchen. It’s a common scenario that plays out each day for several Britons in your situation. Some go on to make educated decisions and enjoy a lasting value and complete peace of mind while for others, going is not that easy. Join us, as we take you through a few simple yet effective strategies to find the right kitchen designer minus ado.

Define Your objectives:

It’s imperative to envision what exactly your kitchen should look like before getting on with the designer hunt. From decor to appliances and electrical configurations to budget, determine everything beforehand and set objectives accordingly. This is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, it gives you negotiating leverage with the designer. Secondly, it will help you choose the right designer based on his response to your vision. For instance, you aspire for a modern kitchen design. Now, the way the designer responds to your needs during the consultation will make it easier for you to guess whether he’ll be able to meet your expectations and work within the budget.

Ask for a Quote:

Any reputable designer will visit your site for measurements, sit with you to know your exact specifications and provide a detailed quote upfront. The quotes often carry a break up of design, material and installation costs, along with any applicable taxes. Designers these days leverage software to provide a virtual model of the kitchen reflecting every key detail. This is a smart ploy to bring in assurance and accuracy into a project and save you from unpleasant surprises later on. If the shortlisted designer disapproves it, it’s time to move on.

Research well:

Hiring a designer is a serious investment and approaching it without research may lead to a disaster. Though research costs you in time and efforts, the results will make up for the ordeal.

  • References: References are your entryway to the designer’s efficacy, creativity and work ethics because the feedback comes from the past clients. While a reliable designer will be forthcoming about references of the past work, a run-off-the-mill may even flatly deny. It’s vital to check the references and base decisions accordingly.
  • Online resources: The virtual world is flooded with resources, such as HOUZZ that feature reviews and ratings on designers in categories like German kitchens London. Capitalize on these resources to get a clear picture of the designer’s credentials.
  • Qualifications: A designer is supposed to be a learned professional with qualifications and working knowledge in all aspects of construction and building codes. However, designers claiming fictitious qualifications are a common sight and you need to stay clear of them. Research their qualifications and credentials before jumping into a deal.


An experienced designer is more equipped to keep up with your expectations and deadlines vis-à-vis a greenhorn. As such, determining how many years the designer has behind him is crucial for your remodelling success.

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