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Who doesn’t love a freebie, a little something extra to show that your loyalty to a local business is appreciated? It can make all the difference in who you choose to do business with.

Sadly, some organisations just don’t get it; they think customers should get what they’ve paid for and nothing else. They just don’t realise that loyalty goes both ways.

Let’s say there’s a restaurant you like to dine at once a week. You settle in at your table as usual one night and the owner comes over with a couple of glasses of wine, on the house. It makes you feel special, right? You now know that you are more than just another customer and your support is noted and appreciated.

Of course, you’ll probably share this experience with friends and the restaurant may gain an extra customer or three, and that’s great.

Now, whilst people seem quite happy to spend their money at a restaurant, there are other services they baulk at paying. Take mechanics, for example. Surveys show that many motorists begrudge taking their vehicles in for servicing because they think it’s too expensive, or unnecessary, or they’ll be ripped off.

Car Pick Up Service Brisbane

This is rather unfair, however, as most mechanics are completely trustworthy and fair. As with any industry, there are always a few bad eggs. But there are also mechanical businesses that go above and beyond what’s expected.

And so they should, I hear you say. In truth, they have no obligation to do anything more than you have requested. If they do offer perks and freebies, it’s because they understand the importance of keeping you, the customer, happy.

Probably the biggest perk an autocare centre can offer is a free courtesy car or a car pick up service. One of the biggest gripes customers have about getting their car serviced is the inconvenience. With a courtesy car or car pick up service, they are often left high and dry. To get to work or school or wherever else they need to be, they must arrange a lift or take public transport or pay for a cab.

Then they have to do it all over again when it’s time to collect the car!

Imagine having a mechanic who asks you what is most convenient, a courtesy car or a car pick up service in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. You’d immediately be impressed, wouldn’t you? You’d feel special. It would probably make you stick with that mechanic for life!

Car Pick Up Service

The fact is, service centres don’t make any money out of offering these benefits; they do it because good customer service is important to them. It makes good sense, too. If you’re going to be at work all day, without any need for your vehicle, a car pick up service is ideal.

You simply drive to work as usual and a mechanic comes and collects your car, does the work and then returns your vehicle to your workplace ready for you to drive home. That’s no inconvenience to you whatsoever.

If you do require a vehicle during the day, you can book a free courtesy car.

For service centres like SVS Autocare, this level of customer service is the norm. They understand that their customers have busy lives, and budgets, and go out of their way to make the whole experience a good one.

When choosing a mechanic, these are the services you should be asking about. Do they offer a free courtesy car? Do they have a car pick up service? And even better, do they have a customer loyalty program.

Many businesses now offer customer loyalty programs, but the quality can vary. Without beating around the bush, you want to know what’s in it for you! What do you get?

Getting the VIP Treatment

At SVS Autocare, customers who bring their vehicles in regularly may be eligible for VIP status. This then entitles you to all many of freebies and perks, including free car washes, discounts and special offers, priority bookings, bonus service items (like a wheel alignment) and surprise gifts throughout the year.

Now compare all that to another mechanic who offers you nothing, zilch! He’s got no free courtesy car service, no car pick up service, no extras at all. It’s not rocket science to know which mechanic you’re going to choose!

A recent customer service survey in Australia revealed that word-of-mouth is still one of the most important forms of marketing. Most of us share our customer service experiences with one to five people. And around 34% of us have stopped using a business after experiencing bad customer service.

Sadly, bad experiences seem to outweigh good ones so, if you find a business that delivers outstanding customer service – especially mechanics – don’t go anywhere else!

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