Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Requirement Process

Requirement Process

When the term recruitment comes in mind most of the people can create an image of how the process runs but there are differences in the process. Most of the IT recruitment agencies follow a different method of recruitment to make the recruitment better and also deliver good candidates for the top IT companies. In recent days the job market is good in IT industry only this is why the IT staffing firms are growing in number as well as many of them are coming out with excellent output. All these IT recruitment agencies are taking a different mode of recruitment on board to develop the productivity. Let’s know about the different methods and the advantages and disadvantages of those methods.

Opening an online job portal

Generally, many of the IT staffing firms are opening online job portal to get reach of more candidates. Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages.


  • This method of recruitment is cost effective because the website can reach a huge audience at less expense.
  • This is a time-saving method because all works are done digitally through the website which makes the process run faster and count batch after batch in an organized way.
  • This process can also take advantage of different technologies like artificial intelligence. In the system to organize the whole procedure and work smoothly.
  • This process can reach more audience through internet which brings more options to choose within.
  • Can handle high volume application. Through online recruitment, technology helps to handle high volume application smoothly.


  • Need to handle a huge number of inappropriate candidates. Because in online application many people give a try even if they are not matching the requirements.
  • If the website is not designed properly then this can create major issues. Because the inappropriate website will not be able to run things in an organized way.

Working through office

The IT recruitment agencies are most of the time initiate the work from the office.


  • Specialist recruiters handle the process. When an IT recruitment company works from the office then they can hire the best recruiters in the market and run the process better.
  • Dedicated staff manages the process better and also does every minute step with dedication and perfection
  • Higher quality candidates are shortlisted among all applications.
  • Candidates prefer dealing with agencies rather than the company they are applying for the job because the agencies may place them to other companies for further job.
  • The solid database helps them to move fast and need not to deal with unwanted candidates.
  • If the agency could not provide the candidate with a job there is no need of paying any fee to the agency which reduces the risk of the application.


  • One agency can maintain a limited database which may not find the job for huge candidates. Which also makes the candidate not prefer depending upon recruitment agencies.
  • When a candidate is going through a recruitment process through an agency, they cannot contact the company directly. Usually, most of the candidates are not happy with this process.
  • Running the process in offices is quite costly because to run an office many employees are needed and also infrastructure is needed.

Hiring search management consultants

The IT recruitment agencies many times hire search management consultants because they are found to be the most experienced.


  • They are specialist in finding candidates and having enough knowledge to find the best candidates and also an initiator of the talent management process.
  • They work in a discreet manner which benefits the layoff process and also helps to find better candidates.
  • They are expert in identifying the best people for the job with their experiences.
  • The search management consultants develop details knowledge about the candidates to produce in front of the recruiters.
  • The management consultants also build a better relationship with senior executes of the recruitment agency or even the company.
  • If they cannot provide the proper candidates, they will not charge a penny.


  • Hiring management consultants is enough costly to run a recruitment process. But still, for better production, the IT recruitment agencies hire the search consultant.
  • The search consultant provides a limited number of candidates which may not be enough in some recruitment cases.
  • Not all shortlisted people are available for further processing of recruitment. This is one of the biggest recruitment challenges that the IT staffing firm

Advertising in press

Many IT staffing firm out an advertisement in different media to get the candidates on board.


  • Give clear details about the job and the brand to the candidate. Through the advertisement.
  • It helps to develop brand business and also creates awareness.
  • It develops the brand visibility in the media.
  • It attracts the specific skilled persons who are appropriate for the job which is run by the project improvement specialist.
  • It encourages people to the industry. Especially IT staffing firms are following this trend to bring awareness about IT jobs in the market.


  • The high cost of advertisement makes the process costlier and sometimes spending money does not come up with rough results.
  • This step makes the recruitment process slower because the IT staffing firm staffs need to handle the high-volume responses and then proceed the work.
  • Non targeted advertisement brings many inappropriate applicants. If the advertisement and not done properly in targeted zones then many inappropriate applicants come up which slow downs the layoff process as well.
  • The advertisement process can target a limited amount of Candidate and only targets those candidates who go through that advertising media.

These are the most popular but different method of the recruitment process. Though at final all the process needs to complete the recruitment at the office only because the above-mentioned methods are the different stages of recruitment. These methods help to hire a feasibility study manager. The recruitment process is hectic but with the help of above-mentioned methods, it is tried to make easy and better for the recruiters. In every process, there are both advantages and disadvantages but, in the end, all process gives some positive results.

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