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Cleaning is one of the essential works you need to done in your daily life. In Dubai the sandy and dirty environment it is essential to clean your place because ultimately it is your prestige that counts a lot.

Weather it is your home or workplace the cleanliness can ensure your personality and prestige. In busy schedule of Dubai it is impossible for you and your family or even your ordinary workforce to clean your place in detail because they don’t have the required proficiency as well as the equipment needed. To clean your place.

Deep Cleaning Service in Dubai we are completely aware about the cleaning process and the challenges need to be faced. In Vilas, Flats and offices there are different types of challenges and requirements which cannot be done by any ordinary cleaner.

GLPC have the separate cleaners for every task and their proficiency is unquestionable. They know the importance of cleanliness and your payment will be valued by our people.

Challenges of Cleaning:


Villa is the ground home build for the upper class people and mostly have very delicate interiors. From flooring to electronics almost everything is delicate and elegant you need to be take care of it.  Some of them are given here:

  1. Wood Flooring
  2. Wall Paper
  3. Chandeliers
  4. Washroom Accessories

Wooden Flooring:

Wooden flooring in the villas are very common it depicts the elegance as well as the classic touch. Mostly the wooden tiles are placed on the cemented floor. This difference of surfaces can be make many problems when cleaned deeply. Another problem with wooden floor is that it is almost impossible to wash the floor with conventional procedures.

They need to be washed with special equipment’s and then polished for the shine otherwise the floor loose its shine and beauty become faded. But no worries we are here to keep this problem solved.

Wall Paper:

In modern era wall papers are the best way to beautify your walls. They enable you to wash your walls and provide many other benefits that are not available with conventional paints. Like the motive carving that is very difficult if you done it with paints but wall paper enable you to this all in much cheaper way.

But it also comes with the defined problems like the danger of torn. As wall paper is very difficult to repair and very delicate to clean it when it comes in deep cleaning if any part is torn the whole panel may be replaced. Dubai Cleaning Service clean your wall papers in elegant manner without any damage.


Most difficult part of deep cleaning is cleaning the chandeliers. Chandeliers are undoubtedly the crown of your roofs but the difficult manufacturing of its glass domes makes very difficult   to clean them. Moreover they are also very delicate and need special precision to clean it completely. Our people work very hard for the beautification of your house.

Washroom Accessories:

Washroom is one of the place which depicts your elegance and class. In Dubai because of water content your accessories have salt scrapples on the ejectors of your beautiful steel taps and showers in deep cleaning we also clean them by acidic compounds.


In Dubai 75% of population resides in the flats. Including all classes of people. It is because of the skyline charm as well as the high prices of Villas and expenditures to maintain Villas on the possession. In high rise building many people resides side by side having shared expenditures and availability of basic needs like sewerage and water equity.

Cleaning of flats are also very tricky as defined above the 75% of residence are in the flats so the displacement rate is also high which obviously needs the cleaners and specifically deep cleaners. Who can clean your flats according to your desires and needs.

In High rise buildings water is limited so it needs special equipment for the washing of your flat and also then we need to dry it out on the specified timing.

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