Tips for Creating an Appealing Booth to Attract Customers

creating an appealing booth to attract customers

Make Attractive And Inexpensive Booth

A key indicator of success in trade shows is the number of people attracted to your booth. It is because it eventually increases your brand influence, as 70% of this audience has the potential to become your customers. But to reap benefits, you need to create an appealing booth. However, this can be difficult as there is usually a lot of competition and variety in a trade fair. So you need to stand out by thinking out of the box and coming up with something unique. That is why to inspire you, we have put together a list of tips that will help you to draw a crowd by making your booth the talk of the event.

Entertainment, Entertainment and more Entertainment.

Entertainment can take a trade show exhibit to a whole new level. Customers usually are fed up with all the annoying marketing and want a breath of fresh air. And this is a place for you to cash. Mixing marketing with entertainment is not at all hard. Trade fair doesn’t mean it has it to be all business. Camouflage your selling tactics with a decorative cover. These come in a wide gamut of styles and budgets. If you are short on money, go for local artists to add uniqueness to your stalls. Go for comedians, musicians, displays, and whatever suits your audience. If you have a big budget, then you can hire celebrities to create the hype. You can hire professionals to revitalize your booth. Just remember to plaster the event with ads so that the customers know that something huge is coming their way and your money pays off.

Another critical point is to add a personal touch to the entertainment so that the customers fell values. You can do this by asking your artist to involve the audience, hand them with signed autographs, etc. This way, you can covertly make a place for your brand in the customer’s heart!

Make it visually appealing

Customers need to be hooked from afar. There are so many booths that they will surely miss you if you do not catch their eye. So the first lesson for an attractive enclosure is to provide a great visual experience. Your stall should be a treat to the eyes to bait the customer. It could be done by using graphics appropriately, creating colorful banners, and also appointing well-groomed staff.

Moreover, everything should complement each other; for example, the team should be wearing matching uniforms. There should be a color theme, and the essential part should look professional. It shouldn’t look like an artist canvas with too many colors. So the key is to emphasize but not overdoing it!

Use engaging and well-placed content

Merely spreading pamphlets and throwing material here, and there won’t do the job. It is essential for the content to be appealing as well as rightly placed. Thus your booth must contain interactive content displayed according to the attendees. The matter used should match with the audience as well. Therefore it should be explicitly created with the audience visiting the trade fair. Lastly, using pre-programmed content on the latest technology is also helpful as most people prefer digital over the old school. Thus relying on effective up to date demos, surveys, competitions, videos, or quizzes can be a great idea. Not only will they generate leads, but they also leave you with tons of useful info.

Add a competitive edge

Booths should have what we call swag to attract today’s generation. There has to be something to gain for the customers for them to take out time to visit you. And that bait could be a competition. Usually, the audience wants something energetic, and there is nothing better than a race to boost them. Be it games, quiz, or even a lottery draw, and it can add a refreshing touch as well as anticipation! The tip is to keep it buzzing so that more crowd gets attracted. Just a reminder, don’t make it too dull or brand-oriented. Let it be fresh and fun and throw in some marketing efforts here and there so that customers don’t feel pressurized. This way, not only traffic will be generated, but your brand awareness will also increase as competition leads to memorable experiences. Lastly, ensure that the prize for the game is enticing and worth public drooling.

Provide some ‘Cool’ freebies

Who doesn’t love freebies? ‘Mark our words, the majority of the booths would offer some giveaway, but the tip is to make it fresh. We repeat FRESH! Ditch the boring keychains and bags stuff. Go for something that is beyond ordinary if it falls in your budget. For that, keep your audience in mind and think of little things that will be valuable for them.

If you are catering toward youth, then smart wallets for their phones will be appropriate, but if your customers are elderly, then reusable bottles will be more useful.

This way, the targeted giveaway will create a buzz amongst your preferred audience and attract them like a magnet as nobody wants to miss a useful free product. Also, print your brand name on a prominent place on the giveaway so that it is noticeable but the freebie shouldn’t lose its appeal. This way you can market and gain benefits to cover the cost of your freebies.

Wi-Fi Accessibility and Phone Charging Station

Phone and Wi-Fi are two of the most essential ‘necessities.’ So why not benefit from it and attract customers by giving them access to what they need. Not only are these easy to be placed in your booth, but they also cost less as well, and they never fail to attract customers. It is because rarely any booth will think this far to cater to their customers. Thus you will be the only one providing such a vital service. The whole day at a fair will replenish smartphone batteries and chargers and sockets will not be available. Thus people will come running to your station and then you can up your marketing game.

On the other hand, Wi-Fi is as essential to attendees as air because all mingling at the fair requires online sharing. So offering them Internet access can be the best decision if you password protects it and only give it to those who visit your booth. Isn’t it smart!

It’s a Wrap!

So what are you waiting for? Use the above tips and watch them work marvels on your customers! Just customize them according to our audience and make the most of your slot at the event! We have successfully utilized to step up our marketing, and now it’s your turn!

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