Use of Certified Standardized Anchor Point Testing

Standardized Anchor Point Testing

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Certification Anchor Testing & Height Safety Equipment

If one is working at a height like the skyscrapers, high roof mast, or the mobile towers or any structure in which the slope is more than 5 degrees it is said to be one of the most hazardous working environments.

The professional workers are always at a life risk and need proper gear and equipment to work confidently and save their life in case of a fall.  Many accidents happen using even using safety equipment or faulty equipment, and only tested ones should be used so that these daredevil professionals have minimum life hazards while working in adverse situations.

Many countries and states have made rules to standardize safety equipment.

One of the essential safety equipment is the anchor and anchor point testing is done before they are marketed to ensure that the proper safety standards as per law are maintained for them.

Are you thinking about the security of the anchors so that they can withstand the fall of the workers and bring them back to safety?

Well, there are many tests to ensure the highest levels of anchor point safety and the technical experts of these manufacturing companies with the collaboration of the safety and standard organization are always researching on the subject trying to make them more robust and effective.

The Safety Issues

  • Although the manufacturers are doing their best to make the anchors safer and more robust and layout guidelines of using them in the field like any construction site, it has been found that the instructions are not followed and the workers open themselves up to risks.
  • In many cases, it has been found that the manufacturer’s instructions are inadequate for fixing the anchors or even if the instructions are vivid, the users did not follow the guidelines. One should never compromise with the instructions and should always go for products that have met the anchor point testing standards laid in the guidebook. Many countries have different rules, and one should follow the standards of the parent state.  Like in Australia, the anchor point testing should be according to the AS/NZS5532 and any violation of this standard while manufacturing of the anchors should not be used.
  • The manufacturers have to produce the anchors that pass the anchor point testing safety standards, and the consumers should always buy products that are made following the guidelines.
  • The manufacturers, as well as the big bosses and the technical team of the consumer, should ensure that the anchors are fixed correctly and if required the manufacturer or the technical team should give hands-on training to the workers about the process of proper installation.
  • The anchor point testing should be done keeping in mind that the anchors should be able to withstand anything between 2000 to 5000 lbs of force in case the workers fall. The resistant capacity of the anchors should be in between these numbers, and they will depend on the situation and the type of industry where they are used.
  • The anchor point testing methods ensure that the manufacturer or the installer cannot blame each other, and proper legal steps can be taken in case of any failure. It can be a compromise with the testing methods or with the installation, and in case of the anchor failure, legal steps can be taken against the responsible organization and insurance claims of the workers can be settled without any dispute for fatal accidents.


Anchor point testing by the manufactures should be done as per the guidelines laid down in the standards, and the installers should follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. One should never compromise with the testing and installation methods and put the life of the workers at risk.

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