Cape Cod Roof Cleaning It’s More Than Just A Cosmetic Thing

Cape Cod Roof Cleaning It’s More Than Just A Cosmetic Thing

It is common, a natural reaction perhaps, for homeowners to feel that the commercial roof cleaning services Cape Cod homes are nothing more than a money maker. But on the contrary to  this popular belief, the services provided by a professional roof cleaning company is something that every homeowner and business owner should give serious consideration to.

Having your roof cleaned does make the exterior look better. It brightens the appearance of your home or commercial structure, making it look cleaner and welcoming. However, those roof washing companies are offering you a service that does much more than. A professional Cape Cod roof cleaning job is preventive maintenance for a healthy roof and home too.

Those black streaks that you see on your home or business’s rooftop are Gloeocapsa Magma, and it is as bad for your roof as it is to pronounce. This an alga which develops into lichen, mildew, mold, and moss when left alone and will attach to the shingles. Once those algae spores become attached, they begin to eat away at the materials that shingles are made from, such as asphalt and limestone.  

Why Doe Algae, Lichen, Mildew, Mold and Moss Like Rooftops?

Because that asphalt, limestone, and other products within the shingles are a food source for algae, it can grow and will spread further and further over the roof, eating away at the shingles. So, while you’re careful to clean bacteria, mildew, and mold in your bathroom and kitchen, if you aren’t using commercial roof cleaning services Cape Cod to get that same thing off your rooftops, your home or business isn’t as clean and healthy as you think.

When that growth is left unchecked and it is eating away at those roof granules, it will eventually eat the shingles away, and there goes a protective, reflective part of your home or business. Not only will this lead to the need to repair or replace the roof eventually, but you’re also losing cooling and heating from inside your home. That, in turn, creates higher energy bills. So, if the concern of replacing the roof for the average cost of $5,000 and up doesn’t concern you, because you may be able to claim roof damage on your homeowner’s insurance, those monthly bills should concern you! 

Why Use A Professional Roof Cleaning Company?

So, has all of this convinced you that your roof needs to be cleaned? But you’re thinking you can do this yourself, right? Not necessarily!  A professional Cape Cod roof cleaning company will have the experience to do this job right that you won’t. 

For instance, think about the height of your home or business and that this roof cleaning will require you climbing a ladder, with equipment and supplies. No, the hard blow from the water hose nozzle won’t do the trick while you’re standing in the yard. 

And then there is the fact that you’ll most likely use a hard pressure which can damage the shingles even more than they already are. And what kind of cleaning products will you use? Yes, there are plenty on the market, but will you know the right combination and strength? 

What Should You Look For In Choosing A Roof Cleaning Service? 

There are roof washing companies all over the place, all day long. So how do you choose the right professional roof cleaning company? Here are a few tips to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off: 

  • First,ask the company if they use a non-pressure method. Very rarely does a roof requires a hard pressure method and any experienced professional roof cleaning company will know the differences and be willing to discuss that with you.
  • All Cape Cod roof cleaning companies will clean the entire roof, not just the areas of concern. One side of your roof will have more algae build-up, usually the northern side. That doesn’t mean that the algae haven’t started to spread. Therefore, cleaning the whole roof is a must!
  • Ask for proof of their liability insurance as well as any certification and licenses that may be required in your area.  Roof cleaning is a home improvement, and just as you would expect an electrician, plumber or roofer have liability insurance, so should any commercial roof cleaning services. Cape Cod area is strict on contractors, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t small companies trying to get by without following the law.
  • As for current references and check those references. And check to see if they are BBB accredited or have had any complaints filed with the BBB.  Both can be either a good sign or warn you off.

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