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Unique Cake Concepts for Customers

Cake is one of the mouthwatering recipes that originated in U.S, and consumed by almost every person today. But, today even the Asians have learnt different techniques to prepare this recipe. It is a recipe made from fine flour by adding other ingredients such as butter, milk, sugar and different flavors. People from Pakistan buy cakes on different festive occasions or special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. Pakistanis enjoy eating both spicy and sweet type of food. People send cakes to their dear ones as gifts on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. People love to eat cakes that are baked by the fine bakers from grand five-star hotels.

Cakes in Pakistan

In Pakistan, people buy cakes on special occasions such as birthdays, parties, or any other informal occasions and the cakes are usually bought from renowned five-star hotels in Pakistan. As Pakistanis are always fond of dry fruits such as pista, almond, cashew nuts, resins etc, they often love cakes that consist of such ingredients while preparing this delicious recipe. Some cakes are also made from fruits such as pineapple, strawberry, cheese etc. In modern days, even during occasions such as Eid or Independence Day, they buy cakes and enjoy eating with people around them.  Some of the famous ancient hotels of the British period are operating even today. So, these hotels prepare many Europe and North American recipes.  So, the Pakistanis consume many types of European, North-American and continental foods on every special occasion such as birthdays, or other parties with cakes. These famous hotels provide them different types of cakes.

Different types of savory cakes to Pakistan

These cakes usually weigh 2lbs and they are served to eight or ten people. Some larger cakes are served to more than fifteen people.  The bakers provide home-delivery services and also send a complementary message card. Cakes are available in different forms such as tarts, pastries, black forest, pies, cupcakes etc that contain different types of textures. Usually tarts or cupcakes are harder, and also the sponge cakes are softer. Usually, on birthdays, many people prefer to buy black forest cakes. The children love to eat the cupcakes during breakfast time.  The bakery cakes are sourced from the best bakers in the town. These cakes are bought from the best 5- star hotels and baked by the best bakers. These cakes are best for all occasions. The tarts are usually the pastry cases that consist of savory fillings or sweets. The tarts prepared by bakers contain fruits and nuts along with almond crusts and they are custom-made based. Cakes are usually enjoyed during special occasions or festive occasions. But, some people eat cakes even during breakfast. Children usually enjoy cupcakes in the morning, while adults eat brownies along with sips of coffee. Some people eat cakes during tea-time and sometimes people enjoy eating desserts after their dinner.  Even in Asian countries, people love celebrating their festivals with cakes. When they get together or form a social group, they enjoy munching cakes. People experience immense pleasure when they munch cakes on certain occasions. To send cake to Pakistan, choose the best bakers who can bake a rich cake made from the best substances.

Cakes in Islamic Culture

In Pakistan, people celebrate different festivals such as Eid, Independence Day, Ramzan, etc. So, the bakers bake cakes in a perfect way to suit every occasion. The Eid cake is molded in the shape of a mosque or a crescent moon to present Islamic culture. The Independence cake is iced with cream filled with green and white flavors. It is also topped with white flavored cream molded in star shape. Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Asian countries such as Pakistan also with great vigor and pomp. So, these cakes are sent to Pakistan from grand five-star hotels. Such cakes usually contain lots of dry fruits such as pista, almond, cashew nuts, because the people of Pakistan are fond of dry fruits. They also enjoy munching cakes that are made of fresh fruits.

Different Flavored Cakes in Pakistan

Some people love to eat the irresistible chocolate chip cake, made of rich chocolate sponge and topped with butter cream along with chocolate chips. The chocolate lovers definitely enjoy this delicious and appealing recipe that is great to taste. The chocolate addicts just cannot hide their temptations when they see a moist malt cake made of creamy chocolate mousse. It is en-robed with chocolate icing that gives a dark chocolate glaze. The sponge cakes are perfect for taste seekers. They are topped with moist fruit sponges with rich cream frost and topped with whipped cream. People can enjoy munching these cakes even after dinner. Families or friends together also enjoy this treat and they eat cakes in hotels when they meet together. A person should send cake to Pakistan of any flavor baked with different flavors.

Some cakes are also made from delicious fruit flavors that are tempting. They are wonderfully decorated and topped with the flavors that are exotic. Such cakes are suitable for any occasions. The fruit flavors that are commonly added are pineapple, strawberry, orange, blue berry cherries, mixed fruit cocktail etc.

Some cakes are decorated wonderfully and they look sober. Such cakes are known as designer cakes consisting of different designs. Such cakes are ideal for celebrating mom’s birthday or dad’s birthday or occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s day, sibling’s birthday, etc. The cakes that are decorated with designs of flowers, butterflies, or any other themes that represent nature are really pleasing to the eyes. These cakes are suitable during spring season on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasions celebrated during this season.

So, people can enjoy any type of cake, made of rich ingredients, flavors and perfectly baked to mold into a perfect shape. The cakes are always delivered along with the complementary card messages. The service provider provides home-delivery services freely. They are delivered in villages also but some additional charges are applied. They provide home-delivery services on the same day or on the next day. If the customer wants the cake urgently, then some extra-charges are applied.  Discount is available to the cake if the value of transaction exceeds a specified limit. But delivery and premium charges are not applied.

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