Buying The Brand New Air Conditioning System

Buying The Brand New Air Conditioning System

Summer is here and to beat the rising mercury, ac installation becomes imperative. The market is inundated by many brands that have the best technological promise, but there are many things that one needs to consider when one plans for air conditioning installation. As per the predictions of the metrological department, this summer is going to much hotter than expected, so it becomes all the more important that you invest wisely. While you are buying an air conditioning system, your primary objective should be to check whether it has significant cooling capacities in the lowest energy consumption. The monetary angle should also be heeded when it comes to choosing an air conditioner.

Points to consider when buying a new air conditioning system

As mentioned above, installing a new air conditioner requires taking into consideration many factors, like pricing, energy consumption, etc. But these factors are not just limited to pricing and power usage, there are various other factors that can impact the efficiency of the air conditioner, here are some other areas to ponder over.

Check if the air conditioner is commensurate to the size of your room

For effective performance of the AC, it becomes mandatory to choose the right kind; you would notice that there are different tons of ACs available in the market. For the AC to perform the best, it becomes important to buy the right tonnage. For example, for a smaller room even 1 ton AC is sufficient, and this gradually increases when the size of the room increases. According to the market experts, lower capacity units can save you the capital cost, but it will increase the energy consumption thereby lessening the lifespan of the device. Similarly, if you are buying an air conditioner higher than the required capacity, you will not only pay more than required but also become bombarded with large power bills. So, buying the right tonnage is the key to have your money’s worth.

Check the energy efficiency ratings of the air conditioner that you are buying

There are very strict energy efficiency rating parameters set by the government. You will need to ensure that your air conditioner possesses the higher star ratings so as to ascertain that it consumes lowest of energy. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will always have to go for a 5 star rated air conditioner because if you are running the ac for a few hours in a day, 3-star rating should be enough.

Check the cooling capacity of the machine

This is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing an air conditioner because you are making a long term investment here. The thumb rule is to check whether the air conditioner adheres to the size of your room. For instance, 1 ton AC is sufficient for 100 to 120 square feet. Similarly, 1.5 ton AC is good for 175 square feet room. Getting the right-sized air conditioner helps you save big bucks so choose very wisely.

Choosing the right type of air conditioning

If you scout various air conditioning options in the market, then some of the popular choices are window AC, split AC and ducted AC system. While window ACs are the most conventional types, the split ACs, on the other hand, is new and less noisy and hence preferable. If you wish to go ahead with them, then it’s a good choice. Another popular type is the ducted system. This one is mostly seen in commercial complexes or multi-storey buildings. The costing for each may vary. So, its best to check your requirement first and then buy the one.

Quality of air conditioning

Make sure that the air conditioning systems that you are buying must have a good dehumidification unit, this reduces the humidity in the room and also ensures that optimum temperature is retained in the room AC with a good dehumidifier gives better cooling and comfort during the humid season.

Think about after sales

Air conditioners come with fairly complex technologies embedded inside them. Obviously, it will require periodic servicing to make sure that it works fine for the long haul. The trick is to choose the best AC brand that has a good reputation in the market. Don’t hesitate to ask dealers in case you are doubtful about the brand. They are the best people to give you proper guidance.

Air Conditioning System
Air Conditioning System

Some other factors to consider

When you are choosing an air conditioning system, then you must ensure that it doesn’t produce sound more than 60 decibels. In addition to this check for the auto-restart function. Sleep mode is something that you must look at. With this function, the Ac adjusts itself as per the room temperature and also helps in saving the energy. Most of the new versions come equipped with these features. However, a good number of features also increases the cost.

These are the succinct rules to select good air conditioning in this scorching summer. If you want to cool several rooms with the same ac, it is always wise to go for the ducted split ac systems that cool more than one room quietly and very efficiently. Albeit the ducted split ac will be more expensive than the regular ones, but its lifespan will be higher than others in comparison.

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