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British Herald Business Leadership Awards 2019

The Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of British Herald, Ansif Ashraf, in an effort to recognise the stellar contributions of high achievers across a spectrum of fields organised an award function and a gala dinner named ‘Change Leadership’. The British Herald owner believes that celebration of success leads to better success and the acknowledgement of one’s achievements boosts morale and inspires and motivates others to do more.

The British Herald Business Change Leadership Awards took place in the UK for the first time this year and Ashraf hopes to make this an annual event, owing to the success of the first instalment of the awards function. The evening gala dinner was attended by over 200 participants, over 100 of which were CEOs and Presidents of esteemed establishments. With a varied host of influential international dignitaries, pathbreaking business leaders and celebrities in attendance, the evening was one to remember for all those present. In addition to an evening dedicated to recognising achievements in businesses, British Herald also partnered with the cancer charity Macmillan to raise awareness and funds for the cause. The stunning gala dinner hosted by British Herald, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, was the attention of leading dignitaries across industries and celebrities from the UK and around the world.

This event was a celebration to mark the revival of a century-old legacy in the UK and it reestablished the charismatic presence of British Herald in London. The renewed digital presence of a brand with a print history lends a new pair of wings to British Herald and this step is directed towards achieving new heights in the global media network.

The award for the ‘Outstanding Contribution towards Society’ was presented to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan. British Herald owner, Ansif Ashraf handed over the prestigious title to the London Mayor and congratulated the rest of the award winners and nominees of the evening. Sadiq Khan is often cited as the Voice of the People and he is a British politician who has been serving since 2016 as the Mayor of London. Khan’s meteoric career and growth trajectory from a solicitor back in 1994 stands as a firm testament to his vision and the effort he put in towards it. His reforms included limiting London’s public transport charges, supporting the expansion of London City and Gatwick Airports and unification of the diverse communities in the city. In addition to the above, Khan is also an outspoken supporter of the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign which is a campaign directed towards retaining the UK membership of the European Union. He has also been included in the TIME 100 most influential people in the world list and has received immense praise for the tolerance of London’s diverse communities. Award in hand, London Mayor Sadiq Khan also thanked British Herald for all of its hard work directed towards the great city.

Other award winners included the founder of MOBO Awards Kanya King, Lord Rami Ranger and Indian actor of international fame Ali Fazal who was recognised for his ‘Excellence in Contribution to Global Cinema’.

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