Is on-boarding necessary for your organization?  

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Employee Onboarding Necessary for Your Organisation

Effective employee onboarding has been proven to impact companies productivity and positively influence work culture.

So here are few points explaining need for employee onboarding process in an organization.

  1. a) Effective onboarding increases retention: Effective onboarding helps to reduce employee turnover and increased employee retention. Gartner stats say 60% of the employees are likely to remain in the company for a longer period of time, say about 3-5 years when there is a proper structured onboarding process followed in an enterprise. In another, survey says 15% of employees decided to leave the company just because of an ineffective or no onboarding program. Therefore, employee onboarding is crucial to create an impact in organizational characteristics which includes culture, motivation and productivity.

b)Effective onboarding increases the likelihood of employee engagement: Multiple studies reveal that effective employee onboarding in an organization increase the likelihood that employees will be engaged in the workplace. A survey on driving performance and employee engagement showed that effective onboarding program increases employees discretionary effort by as much as 20%. Effective employee onboarding helps to boost employee perceptions of workplace conditions whereby employee engagement is most likely to happen.

c)Effective onboarding reduces employee ramp-up time:  Another survey show that effective employee onboarding lessens the time which it takes a new employee to effectively participate to the organization production. This helps to reach optimized productivity, achieve better performance and build workplace relationships.

Therefore, an employee onboarding plan should aim on what matters most to each department with the goal of helping new employees to build connections between company-wide goals and their daily tasks.

Employee Onboarding is the best process for talent acquisition. Employee onboarding process can become your secret weapon new hires and retaining current employees, if properly deployed. A successful employee onboarding program ensures that your new joinees shows up on their first day at work as a successful onboarding begins at the moment when the new joinee accepts the offer letter. Companies that fail in engaging employees face high rate of employee turnover.

Employee on boarding also helps to improve retention, engagement, satisfaction, and productivity of your new employees.

Creative employee onboarding software provides a modern approach for new employees training purpose.

Here are few Employee Onboarding tips and ideas to make inspire new joinees and team

Tip 1: Plan and Organize

In the event that you need to expand the intensity of your onboarding procedure, at that point you have to deliberately structure it. A successful member onboarding program isn’t an occasion and ought to be considered as a constant procedure in your company. New employees onboarding project ought not concentrated on assignments yet on individuals. The mystery of incredible employee onboarding is the way that it makes your new representatives feel invited and coordinated into your work culture from the very first moment!

Tip 2: Automate

An employee onboarding procedure will assist you with saving time and vitality via computerizing the program. With the assistance of various kinds of onboarding apparatuses you can without much of a stretch computerize your onboarding procedure.

  • Checklists: Simple and Straightforward instrument that causes you to locally available new workers.
  • Specialized tools: Helps to improve onboarding process for the sole reason
  • Integrated devices: All-in-one mobile responsive software which have answers for entire HR the board procedure.

Tip 3: Be Creative

An employee onboarding project ought to be interesting and innovative in nature. You have to painstakingly arrange and execute your onboarding procedure in the best way. Early introductions are enormously significant and on new representative’s first day, they’re making note of everything about, you would prefer not to surrender anything over to risk.

Millennials are already beginning to make up more and more of the workforce environment so it’s important that enterprises better prepare for their new joinee proceedure. Companies not investing and maintaining an employee onboarding experience is setting the stage for an employee early exit.

Below mentioned are some great ideas to make new joinees and team inspire. 

  1. a) Employee Onboarding Kit is a must have:

An employee onboarding kit is a crucial marketing feature as it helps to enhance companies brand. Marketing strategies like giving your employee new t-shirt, carry diary and a pen or water bottle helps to represent your company and they also turn into a promoter of your brand even outside the office.

  1. b) Encourage new employees with gamification:

Introducing gamification in employee onboarding and training is a great way to create fun while work to encourage them to continue on their learning journey. For eg: Giving employees rewards like digital badge when they complete a specific part of training or by giving some special awards to the team members who have completed the most of the training sessions.

c)Welcome GIF or Video:

Welcome your employees with interactive employee engagement tool. Provide access to employee co members even before joining, to know their team mates better. Gather all existing team and employees and create a welcome video for your new employee. Existing employees can also say some words about them personally as this will be a great opportunity for your new employees to connect names, faces and voices of their future colleagues and feel really welcomed.

d)Allot assets and workplace automatically:

With employee onboarding app, HR departments can now allot company assets like pen, cups, bottle, diary, laptop and workplace to new joinees on the go. And make sure with a confirmation from new joinee on receipt of same.

Therefore, with the help of these ideas, you can renew their excitement, make them feel appreciated and keep them engaged.

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