How to Create a Better and Brighter Workplace Environment

Brighter Workplace Environment

Positive Work Environment Ideas

Employees spend half of the time in the office, and it can either be uplifting or demotivating. How they perform well and deliver quality work on time can sometimes be reliant on how good the office environment is, especially if the employees spend most of the day cooped up in the four corners of the office.

Work environment can have a huge impact on an employee’s performance, so it’s critical to foster and create an office environment where human assets can thrive and flourish.

Build a Comfortable Office

A good workplace environment starts with the interior and overall design of the office. It doesn’t just mean top-of-the-line security systems or high-end computer units for everyone, though that definitely helps. Creating a comfortable office space for employees simply means creating a workplace where they’ll be at ease to work in for eight hours everyday.

Employees spend majority of their day in the office, and it’s critical that the office provides a safe and comfortable environment to them. Start with having good lighting in the office by providing as much natural light as possible, and for areas where natural lighting is not possible, use daylight bulbs for a brighter vibe. For lounges, pantries and other areas where employees can spend their break, provide comfortable lounges. Adding plants around the office is also scientifically proven to boost mood and productivity.

Planning the office fit-out and design must extend beyond what’s traditional and highly consider the needs and desires of the employees.

Give Importance to Every Employee

Every employee matters, and you must go out of your way to sure that they know and feel it. Give credit where credit is due, and recognize the good and hard work that everyone contributes to the company.

While it’s crucial that you give praise in private to employees, appreciating them in front of a team or the whole company can further boost their morale and heighten their sense of accomplishment.

Praising good work can be as simple as sending an email acknowledging the value they contributed or awarding them during town halls or large corporate events. Having a newsletter that regularly praises the achievements and contributions of employees can also be done.

Appreciating and acknowledging employees can further help create better relationships and company culture.

Promote Wellness

Spending too much time sitting in front of the computer can negatively affect the health of employees, but there’s really no way to stop them from doing so. However, it’s still possible to improve their working conditions by providing ergonomic chairs and properly adjusting the display settings of the computer monitors on all workstations.

Aside from that, other ways to promote health and wellness in the office include holding wellness activities such as free or discounted gym memberships, yoga classes during work hours, company-organized outdoor activities, or even as simple as having free fruits in pantry and encouraging employees to spend more time outdoors by walking during breaks.

Open the Lines of Communication

While it’s necessary to uphold seniority in the workplace, it’s also important to open lines of communications between bosses and subordinates. Managers need to be strict and proper during most times, but they also need to be approachable when the situation calls for it.

Barring subordinates from voicing their opinions or providing their insights during critical meetings is one of the sure ways to kill open communication and to make employees feel less valued. Fostering amicable working relationships usually start with having open communication between employees and managers. Preventing open communication can only foster bad blood between employees and can hinder the growth of the company as a whole. Encourage it when possible, and welcome it at all times.

Granted, it won’t be easy to create an office space where every employee will feel comfortable and safe. But every workplace needs to start somewhere. If you already have a great team, opening the lines of communication might be the easiest bit, but while other companies might find it the most difficult.

Whatever the case may be, creating a great working environment must always be a priority. It may be expensive and the efforts required may be a lot, but the pay off of a  good workplace environment will always be worth it.

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