Which Scott Bike Will Be The Best For You?

Which Scott Bike Will Be The Best For You

The range of Scott mountain bikes has got the best reviews of the decade. Scott bikes have always been able to handle different situations with ease. Also, they have served every biker whether beginner or a professional, conservative or enthusiastic, etc.

The popularity of Scott mountain bikes comes down to the way it handles. A significant portion of its customers loved the way it tackled everything with ease. People who choose Scott feel they have made a smart choice no matter what model they buy. But that’s not exactly the case because Scott in itself has a variety of features in every model. 

This piece of information is for those who are confused within the range of Scott bikes. 

The range of Scott bikes

Scott differentiates each of its models with a different number code. The code might sometimes include the wheel size, the suspension size, or the range in which the model sits. This way, Scott reflects that a smaller number has more features and is more expensive. 

Determining the best Scott bike for you

As we believe in a variety of models for different portions of a customer base, Scott has a lot to offer. For example, a conservative-minded customer might choose a hardtail bike and vice versa for an enthusiastic one. Let’s go through the features of Scott hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes. 

Scott hardtail bikes

The former category includes the Scott Aspect, Scale, Scale RC, and Voltage YZ. All these bikes have different functions. 

  • The Scott aspect is an entry-level from the brand. It’s suitable for those who just want to enter into the family of Scott bikes without paying much. The wheel size is 27.5 inches and the aluminium frame makes it sturdy and light in the price point. The riding posture is upright with mild off-roading abilities. 
  • The Scott scale and scale RC are meant for cross country cruises. The carbon frame and a 29in wheel help the Scale and RC dash faster than any other bike in its price range. RC stands for Racing Concept. 
  • The Voltage YZ is the brand’s offering as a dirt bike. The aluminium frame is meant for heavy-duty tasks with more extended travel in the front suspension. It’s the core of hardtail bikes. 

Scott Full-suspension mountain bikes

The latter category includes the Scott spark, genius, gambler, and voltage. As full suspension bikes, Scott puts in a lot of effort into their technology, application and flexibility. The best portrayal of Scott’s ability to combine technology and practicality can be seen in the Spark and Genius. 

  • Scott spark and Spark RC have been the choice of most of its customers. It can handle everything from marathon racing to some serious off-roading. The versatility makes it the best pick. It has different options for wheel size starting from 27.5 inches. 
  • Scott voltage is the best pick for customers who want their bike smashing around the park. It can handle the most complicated terrains with a free ride specialist. It’s because the suspension travel is 180 mm appropriate for hardcore riding.
  • Scott Gambler is another brand in itself. Rear suspension travel is 210 mm and the frame is made of aluminium. The Gambler’s design allows a 26-inch wheel instead of the standard 27.5 inches for more ease of riding.
  • Scott genius is another popular bike in its segments. It allows a 3-way adjustable suspension ranging from 100 to 150 mm. These options improve versatility to cater to the needs of a wide range of customers. 

Buying a Scott bike might be confusing but exciting go through due to these top-notch features. One cannot neglect the versatility that Scott bikes bring in with themselves for daily commutors and riding enthusiasts.


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