10 Awesome Designs of Custom Packaging Boxes

Designs of Custom Packaging Boxes

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The packaging is without a doubt one of the most important product features in the retail industry. It is usually the first layer of physical and visual contact for any retail product for customers and potential buyers. It needs to be as attractive as possible while keeping packaged products safe to compete in the competitive modern retail market.

Custom Packaging designs will always vary from product to product. Where some products will need fancy clear window boxes, others will do best with gable style boxes. Packaging designers and product manufacturers should always have a clear understanding of their product’s needs when it comes to packaging. By understanding your product needs perfectly, you can design the most suitable custom boxes for them. Here are some of the best Custom Retail Packaging designs that your products can benefit from:

Simple, Minimalist and Beautiful Packaging Boxes

Starting our list off are simple, minimal and yet beautiful packaging boxes. When done right, custom boxes for many different products can be very simple and minimal and yet very beautiful. A single solid color shade packaging box with fancy single colored printed brand logos or fancy designs can always look great. You don’t have to look far to find these types of minimal boxes. Walk into any supermarket and you will surely see such custom boxes everywhere.

  • Metallic Printing Custom Packaging

Metallic printing is beautiful, elegant and attractive. Foil stamping in gold, silver or any other fancy colors can make your brand logos, product names and other important product information stand out. For retail products that have to compete with so many other competitors on retail shelves, metallic printing always provides that edge. It is also not very expensive to get good quality metallic printing for your custom boxes.

  • Custom Retail Packaging with Clear Windows

Custom boxes with clear windows are perfect for many different products. Many beautifully finished products from many different industries can be highlighted in their own designs through clear windows in custom retail boxes. Some unique product industries making use of clear window boxes are:

  • Fashion clothing
  • Fancy cosmetics
  • Retail grocery
  • Electronic products
  • Boxed foods
  • Retail decoration products etc.

The list is a long one when it comes to products that can use clear window boxes to maximum effect. If your products need to be highlighted in their own designs from within their packaging boxes, clear window boxes will be a perfect option.

  • Image Printed Design Heavy Packaging

Image printing is truly one of the backbones for retail packaging. The reason why we see so many retail packaging boxes with fancy image prints is that it provides a great head-turning option. These design heavy packaging boxes have their own unique appeal for the viewers that makes them pay attention to the packaged products. Images of the products or of models using those products are pretty popular in the retail industry. Fashion clothing, cosmetics, wearables, and many other product industries can use this idea.

  • Single Color Shade Packaging Boxes

Single color shade custom boxes have a lot to say. These will look minimally attractive and beautiful when done right. For smaller accents and attractive standouts, you can use logo printing and other design prints. The base for these types of Custom Packaging boxes usually remains in one solid color that should preferably be darker in shade. You can use lighter colors as well but dark ones have a unique design appeal. Try gold foil stamping on a dark black, brown or blue colored packaging box. A white or cream-colored box with absorbing dark colored printing is a great contrast as well.

  • Fancy Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Different products require different types of packaging boxes. Some fancy ones like toys or certain electronic niche products can do much better with boxes that actually look fancy and unique. Die cut boxes that use templates for cutting and manufacturing can be some of the most precise and accurate in their designs, sizes, and shapes. When you need packaging that actually mimics the shape of your products, dies cut boxes can be really useful. Consider doing your toy boxes with a similarly shaped packaging box that displays the shape of toys from their outer shells. Similarly, much other fashion and cosmetic products can use die cut fancy style boxes as well to look attractive.

  • Fancy Colored Attention Grabbing Boxes

Colors are attractive right! When you get your color combinations right for packaging boxes, a lot of customer attention could be grabbed from retail shelves. For almost all retail products, it is all about attractive buyer attention and using this attention to maximum effect. However, colors should not be in a way that they actually divert attention rather than attracting it. Beautiful colors that look great and are not too much in the face should be used for packaging boxes to impress potential buyers.

  • Unique Product Raising Luxury Packaging

If luxury packaging ever gets defined correctly, it will include boxes that make a statement while presenting products. How about Custom Retail Packaging boxes that actually raise products slightly presenting them to you? With a luxurious product presentation, these kinds of boxes are very much real. These essentially have a connected system with their lid or a top section. When you raise the lid, a system raises the product containing base slightly upwards as well.

  • Functional with a Carry Handle

Gable style boxes are very popular with many different product industries. These essentially combine features from a bag and a box in one package. Offering a large inner section resembling a box, these have a bag like gable handles die cut from that same material piece. These are sturdy, rigid, durable and available in many sizes and style finishes. For your gifts or any other fancy products, these can be used majestically.

  • Pyramid Shape Gift Boxes

For Custom Packaging that is aimed directly at gifts, fancy shapes will always deliver the best message. Such an idea involves packaging boxes that are actually shaped like pyramids. These perfect gift packaging boxes have solid amounts of space in their pyramid enclosing area and look unique right from the outset. Have these in fancy colors and surface laminated with shiny gift wrap paper and enjoy their great gift presentation at all times. For custom boxes designs, these are truly one of the best options for gifts.

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