Attendance Management System : A Modern Day Attendance Manager

biometric attendance management system

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Employee Attendance Management System

Employee punctuality determination increases when the company is clear about the expectations they have from the employee and they are well informed about this expectation.

It is possible when the policies are well defined and the system is capable of tracking the anomalies in the attendance data by analyzing it. The managers has the duty of taking care of analysis of the attendance as well as monitoring when the attendance is management with conventional system.

Taking of the system that involved registers for capturing the attendance of the employee is the most worst of all conventional system as it gives rise to various unauthenticated means to record attendance including buddy punching and time theft.

The naive problems that arises when recording the attendance of the employees like the handwriting. The attendance capturing leave the employer with no choice but to pay the employees for the hours they haven’t worked or for the day they were not present.

The system makes thefts untraceable and the managerial monitoring of the attendance difficult. The evolution of the attendance capturing to spreadsheets ofcource made the thing more simpler but still it did not induce fruitfulness of attendance strategies and monitoring.

Things became simpler with evolution of technology and the method f capturing and managing the attendance. Today in the 21 century the attendance system is the most efficient and has evolved to a whole new level curbing all the cons.

The system is capable of monitoring the employee data by itself along with lowering the work burden of the employee.                                  

Attendance monitoring

The biometric devices captures the attendance of the employees accurately, it is one of the most effective milestone achieved in the attendance management system as it eliminated the time theft and buddy punching. It eased the time management like canteen time, breaks, over times and more.

The calculations are made effective and precise, the system gives the real time data of the employee attendance to the manager whenever they require. The system also notifies the managers of the employees who haven’t punched their attendance to monitor the uniformed absentees.

The employees are provided with an employees elf service portal where in they can access their attendance data and can place application in case of any modification.

They can easily view the status of the application initiated by them from the application making the attendance capturing and management easier.

Attendance marking

The system empowers the employees to use their phones to punch their attendance when working form home, on client visit or on-field. The system traces the exact location of the on-filed employee by using the GPS of the employees’ mobile phone. It ensure the managers of employees presence.

The manager can also view the route travelled by the employees along with all the stop points to get the exact idea of the employees’ work. The employees when punching by using their mobile phones instead of the biometric devices creates an scenario where the employees in-order to avoid the tardiness tend to punch out of the premises.

The scenario is resolved by the creating the virtual fence around the premises, the applications is facilitated in such a way that the punch in button is enabled only after the employee enter the fence.    


The managers has to keep the track of employees attendance track the amount of work they are doing as the employees productivity and punctuality is directly proportional to the profitability of the company.

Absenteeism should be eliminated as it has an negative impact on the reputation of the company and its’ growth. The manager can analyse the leaves taken by the employee and can change the policies as per the need and requirement of the scenario.

Not just the current attendance data but the data of the attendance can be analysed using artificial intelligence. It analyses the data in lesser time and give the predictions of the employees who are likely to leave the company.

The irregularity of the employees can be known based on the pattern of taking leaves and uninformed disappearances. The success of the policy can be know by the effect of it on the employees attendance data which can be known by analytics.

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