Get Easy Steps for Apply TDS Online Payment

Apply TDS Online Payment

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Step-By-Step Guide To TDS E-Payment

TDS or tax deduction at source is the type of tax that is deducted when you make some form of payment in the form of interest, commission, rent, and so on. There are several services where TDS might be applicable and can be found online on government websites.

Thus, any form of TDS that might be collected has to be deposited to the banks such that they can transfer it to the respective government agencies. The entire process is either carried out online or offline.

But in reference to this context, we are speaking about TDS online payment and can be carried out online as well. Thus, let’s take a look as to how TDS can be paid online. ‘Let’s get started.

1. The first and foremost steps in to go the website of NSDL doe e-payment of taxes.

2. When you check the page, you will see various “CHALLAN NO” present. Select the “CHALLAN NO./ITNS 281” section which can be found under the TDS section of the page. Thus, upon clicking it, you will be directed towards the e-payment page.

3. Once you reach the e-payment page, you will be prompted to enter all the relevant information into the application form. Based on the type of transaction, the PIN code, location, nature of payment, etc. are to be entered. Once you have entered all the details, click on submit.

4. Once you have submitted the form, there will be a message displayed which will state the confirmation of the submitted TDS. In case if the TAN is valid, then the entire name along with other details would be shown on the confirmation screen.

5. Once the entered details of the TDS deposit online form are correct, you will be prompted to a net banking site of your bank of choosing.

6. The net banking site would ask you for your account details and password. You will have to enter the relevant information to process the payment further.

7. Once you have entered the amount and the transfer has been carried out, a challan would be displayed on the screen that would contain the CIN, bank name and payment details to whom the e-payment has been carried out. Thus, you can show this as proof that the payments of TDS have been made.

Also, when you file your TDS returns, you can use the software named Tax Cloud, which will give you all your TDS data. Such that you ‘don’t have to download anything, you can access all of your information anytime, anywhere.

Thus, TDS online payment has never been more manageable. Due to the advent of technology and internet services, it becomes feasible for anyone to file their TDS returns and also make TDS payments to the government all by sitting at their home and not attending to any offices.

In case if you feel that you might not be able to carry out the payment, you could get the help of government customer care service agents to help you with the TDS payment.

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