Anjuna Flea Market is Quite Popular Amongst the Youngsters

Anjuna flea market

Three reasons why the Anjuna flea market is quite popular amongst the youngsters

Planning a trip to Goa? Then you should not miss Anjuna Flea market, which is popularly known as the queen of hippie flea markets.

Now you must be wondering what is so special about Anjuna?

You can go there, grab a drink and platter of seafood and listen to the local bands or even you can get something from a go-to food stands and shop hard in Anjuna flea market.

One of the best things about Anjuna flea market is that here you can find products from all over India. In case, you can’t make it to McLeod Ganj to buy Tibetan jewellery or missed buying hoodie on your mountaineering trip then you don’t need to worry because there is a Tibetan sales section as well as Nepalese winter wear section in the Anjuna market. You can get anything there, starting from hippie items to electronic devices. You can also find some really unique items at the market but do bargain to avail great deals. Anjuna flea market is only open on Wednesdays and attracts a large number of tourists, and it is famous as a hangout spot for hippies and backpackers

Three reasons to visit Anjuna flea market

  • Slay in bohemian style

If your friends have picked up some colourful and funky t-shirts on their trip to Goa and you are wondering where you can get them, then you are in the right place. Here you can get very trendy t-shirts with some artwork designs, or some Gods painted on them also the ones that have some unusual shapes. You can get a wide variety of funky t-shirts at a very reasonable price. Also, it is exactly the same scenario when it comes to accessories. You can get anything, be it jackets, goggles, jewellery, scarves and bags. In case you want to buy something handmade, then you can visit the original flea market, which is located close to the beach where traders from Karnataka and Gujarat sell handmade items.

The market is sprawling over a large area, and everything is available in endless variety so you can take a walk and spend hours to look for the right colour or try out various things. You can probably get a tattoo done in almost everywhere in Goa. But here you can also braid your hair, which takes 15-20 mins and you can flaunt your braids as long as you want without the need to comb your hair constantly. In addition to that, you can even get your hands painted with temporarily unique tattoos drawn with henna.

  • Food

Anjuna Flea market is not typically famous for food, but there are shacks at the end of the market where you can get Goan shack food. Also, there are several food stalls here and there, if you want something to snack on while shopping then you can go there. There is a bar called Francis Bar that is situated towards the beach. One of the most famous bars here is Maria Lobos for their funky and colourful decor and a wide range of juices, lassi and shakes to choose from.


Though tea is not grown anywhere here, still you can get a large variety of tea selling in the market like Green Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Banana, Vanilla, pineapple, orange, Jasmine, Mint etc. There is also a lot of shops selling dry masalas in the market that you can buy. It is a good place to test your bargaining skills to strike a good deal for yourself.

  • Discover unique artistry

You will find in some shops tribal women dressed up in traditional attire with tattoos on their skin and beads in their hair, selling tribal jewellery that are made of coins, mirrors, brass etc. You can buy jewellery from them also. While shopping, you may notice that some shops are playing the techno or trance music, which is very popular here among the Anjuna market hippie culture. So, you can buy CDs from the same genre of music. As we know, no recorded music can give you the feel like a live performance so you can find bars that play live trance music towards the evening.

Discover unique artistry

It is sheer bliss to walk through the market. Where all the shops are neatly situated on the floor and decorated silverware, colourful metal wares and all kinds of jewellery with price tags on them, so it is also a perfect place to hone your bargain skills to get a good deal for yourself. Starting from the colourful decoration of shops to a tribal woman selling jewellery, it all provides a very delightful frame. In case you are planning a getaway to Goa, then don’t forget to add Anjuna flea market to your list.

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