Alt-coin Vs Tied-coin The Good, The Bad and Somewhere in Between

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Sustainability and reliability are two very fundamental bases on which any cryptocurrency is judged upon. Failure to either would result in not only in the elimination of that cryptocurrency but would also impact the cyber market economy in a negative way.

We don’t need that and we seriously don’t want that. We cannot afford such an impact at this point while the cyber economy is just starting to stand on its own two feet.

The best way to make sure that everything is neat and tidy would be to examine every cryptocurrency before supporting it on any reliable platform.

The competition is set, the dice have rolled and the players are ready. Who will win the battle of reliability and sustainability? And how many will fall? So let me put on my detective hat on, and together we investigate the good, the bad and the neutral.

Alt-coin, what is it?

Let’s discuses Altcoin, what is it? Why does it exist and most importantly, is it good? An altcoin is short for alternative coin, other is bitcoin which is the most popular coin available in the cyber market.

The reason we need Altcoin is that we don’t want the whole market to simply depend on and work around bitcoin.

We don’t want to make a monopoly; the cyberspace needs to be free from that otherwise it will all end up like how traditional economies work.

However, ultimate free does come with a price and sometimes that price can be a heavy one to pay off. An altcoin is a collection of alternative coins it’s not a single coin, it’s a collection of many names but not all names are worthy of your time, effort and finance. So before you jump down any rabbit hole, let me save you some time and get you through.

Alt-coin Types

There are some altcoins that are amazing while others lack quality and reliability. One very recent and very stable altcoin is Tiedcoin. Tiedcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that you can invest in while securing your place in the market place. This is one of the safest coin available in the market.

Not only is it stable and clean from frauds, but it is also very transparent. The cryptocurrency that is tiedcoin is a very stable option for anyone whether you are a seasoned spender or a newbie, investing in tiedcoin will not go to waste.

People normally hesitated when it comes to spending money on cryptocurrency, but be assured that tiedcoin is an extremely secure coin in the crypto market.

Tiedcoin is a price stable coin offering a one to one relationship with Euro and Yen. Currently, the currency it supports is Euros and Yen but it will soon open its doors to many other blooming currencies. Every fund of tiedcoin is held in an escrow account which is offered by a tier one international bank.

The funds are not only secure in a proper bank but also, the tiedcoin teams publish a statement of funds every day, so you are well aware of how much you have, and where is that kept.

Trading Platform for Alt-coins

Tiedcoin is also supported by beaxchange. Beaxchange, is a place where you can exchange your tiedcoin or be honest any cryptocurrency you own.

Bitcoins, tied coins whatever it is, as long as it’s stable and secure you can share it on the market place that is beaxchange. Beaxchange is a great place to start firstly, it’s very secure like any good cryptocurrency market place should be, secondly, it is fast and when I say fast I mean fast.

The user interface and experience is very to the point and very counterproductive.  It is a regulated market place which means whatever exchange that does occur, occurs with a set of rules and very tight security.

Plus, it has a live map on its website which can show you how many assets that are being exchanged at this very moment, well of course without compromising the privacy of the parties involved.

So since you are all set why not take some of your sweet tiedcoins which have a mighty value to them and sell them on a secure and stable platform like beaxchange.

Time is money so spend it wisely. While you are being wise and you been introduced to stable and reliable options, one should be careful and cautious of the other side as well.

While all seems nice and collected with tiedcoin, not every coin is stable, nor is it supported by platforms like beaxchange.

Other Alt-coins

One such cryptocurrency is and its name is called Verge. Called the most Volatility by the bitcoin market journal.

With a price variance of one year being 8.12% and the market cap being around $194 million dollars. Verge does not seem stable nor does it seem like its progressing. It also ranks on the last four slots of the bitcoin market journal. Nothing about this altcoin seems okay for anyone to invest in.

Even though verge is secure it is still not a reliable option as it’s not a stable altcoin for trading. Verge is also not supported on any reliable trading platform including beaxchange.

As you can see there are many such that exist like the Verge and most of them share the faults of Verge. Another example of an unstable coin is Populous.

It ranks a little higher on the charts of bitcoin market place but a very poor market cap when compared with Verge. The market cap of Populous is $131 million dollars.

Its price variance of one year is better when compared with Verge which is 7.08% but its price variance of one day is far worse than Verge.

The price variance of one of Verge is 1.94% whereas the price variance of one day of Populous is 3.49%. As you can see Populous is not doing so well itself. The way its numbers are going clearly states that this currency is very unstable and not profiting.

While there are many other altcoins to discuss they are beyond the scope of this one article and hence for a better understanding of where to invest and where not to, I recommend the altcoinsidekick blog. They got you covered with the latest happenings around the cryptocurrency world. So, while you may be excited to spend and trade make sure your options are stable and reliable.

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