Acquia Features, Functions And Relation With Drupal

If you put it in plain and simple terms, Acquia is a Software-As-A-Service company or SAAS that is co-founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson. This company aims at providing several things such as:

  • Different types of enterprise products
  • Useful services and 
  • Technical support.

All these are workable and compatible for the open-source web content management platform Drupal. Acquia is a venture capital backed company, having a few major investors like:

  • New Enterprise Associates
  • Investor Grown Capital 
  • Amazon and 
  • North Bridge Venture Partners.

Acquia was named as the Fastest Growing Private Technology Company in 2013 all over North America by Deloitte. All these are the results of high-end product and services provided by the company that ahs enabled the company to receive fast and more comprehensive industry recognition so much so that it is identified as the leader in web content management.

There are different types of products and services included in the Acquia web management systems that includes:

  • Acquia Cloud
  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory
  • Acquia Lift
  • Acquia Dev Desktop
  • Acquia Cohesion
  • Acquia Journey
  • Acquia Search
  • Acquia Edge
  • Acquia Content Hub
  • Acquia Lightning
  • Acquia DAM
  • Acquia Commerce
  • Mautic and
  • Maestro.

Each of these products have its own significant features and functionality that increases the individual functionality of these products along with the overall performance and functionality of the overall web management system.

Provides a better digital experience

With the help of Acquia, you will be able to gain and provide better digital experience. There is a large number of NGOs ad government agencies apart from small and big private organizations that rely on Acquia and its open cloud platform. This useful platform enables them in a lot of ways such as:

This platform will help you to generate deep and thoughtful content, build a better community, ensure better commerce and context.

Now that you know what is Acquia, it is now required to know that a major role played by different factors in their success. Ideally, Acquia is one of the most active and enthusiastic contributors to the Drupal project. This includes:

  • Key contributions to Drupal core that ensures mobile-friendly functionality and 
  • Authoring experience as well as better performance facilitating multilingual release management.

The platform will help the businesses save millions of dollars in funding for key developments in the areas of key community contributed modules. These modules include media, views, and organic groups.

The best cloud platform

Acquia perhaps provides the best and most effective cloud platform that will help you to build, deliver, and optimize digital experiences. This will help you to optimize websites.

Acquia is also one of the best CMS platforms that will provide you with different effective and useful solutions. A brief description of the types of solutions and their features will help you to know the usefulness and effectiveness of the platform in a much better way. 

  • One of the most significant features of the platform is Acquia Cloud. This is a very useful platform that is powerful and have a huge potential in cloud-native web hosting. This platform will help you a great deal in building and managing Drupal-based websites.
  • Another important feature of the platform is the Acquia Cloud Site Factory. This will help you and your digital team build hundreds of Drupal websites at a global scale. You will find easier ways to build these sites in a much faster way and at the same time update and centralize them.

A few other useful features include Acquia Lightning which is a preselected modules and configuration that will help in building sites faster and running them on Acquia Cloud. On the other hand, to manage and update the logos, images, videos, PDFs and more in one place you can use Acquia Digital Asset Manager. Lastly, the flexible and secure Acquia Commerce Manager will ensure help you to experiential commerce that is content-rich.

Relation with Drupal

The most significant relation between Acquia and Drupal is that Acquia was inspired by Drupal for its creation. This cloud hosting service has since evolved to become the best digital experience platform. 

For the records, Dries Buytaert first created the Drupal content management framework and an open source Drupal project and later on founded Acquia in 2007. This was done with an intent to provide a better infrastructure and services so that it will support enterprise organizations in many different ways such as:

  • To use Drupal
  • To endorse open source software
  • To help scale Drupal
  • To make Drupal easier
  • To ensure greater adoption and 
  • To empower a thriving network of Drupal users all over the world.

Initially, Acquia only offered limited services that included fine tuning Drupal and managed cloud hosting. However, over time, it has grown significantly and now has become a fully loaded digital experience platform having Drupal in its core.

In short, Acquia brings in the same revolutionary spirit of Drupal And helps the most ambitious brands of the world with the latest technology that typically enables them to adopt newer and better innovations that eventually helps them to create better customer moments that are essential for the growth of any business.

Acquia Lift and Adobe Target

When it comes to improving the customer experience it is the Acquia Lift that will provide you with substantial support and assistance. This is the digital asset management software that comes in the latest version of it, Lift 2.0. This is especially designed to build, manage and run Drupal websites. 

Acquia is however is ready to come up with its Lift 3.0 version which is, just as the number denotes, a step ahead of the previous versions. The good and most unique thing about this version of Lift is that you can use it with any kind of hosting platform.

Therefore, if you want market and personalize a Drupal website, then Acquia and in fact Acquia Lift in particular is your best bet and choice. Since it comes with lots of similar features as Adobe Target, it will help you to achieve your goals. 

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