12 Things You Can Do With HubSpot Integrations

12 Things You Can Do With HubSpot Integrations

As business practices are becoming more and more digitized, you can use many advanced tools to run your business smoothly. However, as you start using more and more tools, your tech stack becomes taller. This creates room for human error. 

You have to remember and update a lot of data and you are relying on your team for that. Sometimes, you have to update some data in all of your apps. This can be inefficient and risky. 

You can solve this problem by integrating your entire tech stack through HubSpot. 

Integrate Your Tech Stack Through HubSpot 

As you are using more and more tech tools, more burden falls on you. However, HubSpot is there to make your life a lot easier. It does this by synching your applications. So, in this article, we will see how HubSpot integrations help. 

Even when it is a versatile platform, those who are working behind HubSpot, they know that it is not possible for them to specialize in everything. 

Knowing that every business has unique needs, HubSpot opens doors to third-party tools integrations.

Let’s see the 12 of the HubSpot integrations.  

CRM Management 

Your sales and marketing team is putting its best efforts. However, you also need a good CRM to support the team. You cannot have inaccurate information and duplicate contacts in your database. Sending mails to dead emails wastes your time. To prevent this, you can go for Incycle integration and Salesforce integration. 

Collecting Leads and Gathering Data 

It’s great to see that you are getting good website traffic. However, you need to collect information from leads to cash in on this traffic. With HubSpot, it’s easy. You can integrate HubSpot with applications such as SnapApp, SurveyMonkey and Typeform.   

Video and Video Analytics

Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools. However, you need to measure the effectiveness of this tool. You can integrate video marketing and analysis tools such as Vidyard, and Wistia. 

Documents and Proposals Management

This platform makes it easy for everyone to find and access the updated versions of all the documents. You can add more features for efficient proposal and document management by integrating HubSpot with other tools such as PandaDoc, HelloSign and Prosposify. 

Sales and Services Support with Chat 

53% of customers prefer live chat over a phone call. So, you have to integrate HubSpot and your chat. HubSpot integrations with tools such as Drift and Zendesk enable you to deliver a better customer experience. 

Email and Calendar Integration 

This integration makes it easy to streamline and sync your activities. G-Suite and Outlook integration and Mailchimp integration can be of great use. 

Internal Operations Organization

Miscommunication between departments is not good for your business practices. Integrating HubSpot with tools such as Asana, Jira and Slack can obliterate the possibilities of human errors. 

Data Reporting Streamlining 

Transferring data into spreadsheets can sometimes take hours. And, then you have to decide the way to display the data. You can track the performance of your website or campaigns in well-designed interfaces with HubSpot integrations with Databox, and Lucky Orange. 

Video Conferencing and Webinars Utilization 

Face-to-face communication creates a one-on-one personal connection with a client. Webinars offer a great way to communicate your knowledge and message to the masses over the web. Zoom, and GoToWebinar are two of the most useful tools you can integrate with HubSpot. 

Managing Event Registration

Events such as trade shows, and conferences provide you with a great way to build massive brand awareness. However, you have to invest a lot of time and effort. What about digitizing your events? You can achieve this by integrating HubSpot with tools such as Eventbrite. 

Call Tracking

Integrate HubSpot with tools like CircleLoop and CallRail and make, receive, track and record calls using HubSpot. 

Sell And Collect Data 

A huge number of businesses are using websites to sell products and services. Integrations such as HubSpot Stripe integration and HubSpot PayPal integrations allow to get payments and collect data.

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