Facebook Updates

Facebook Updates

8 Latest and Upcoming Facebook Updates You Need To Know for 2019

The one constant in social networking marketing is that things are constantly changing, and it is particularly true on the world’s biggest social network, Facebook.

Even more interesting these days is that when Facebook makes a change, there is a trickle-down impact to Instagram, which is particularly true when it comes to advertising.
The people over at Facebook have recently released some critical updates to the stage.

A number of them are already up and running while some are adjustments we ought to anticipate in the coming months.
Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 92 percent of advertising revenue for the third quarter of 2018.

What’s more, it’s estimate that more than 2.6 billion people now use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger each month.
So Facebook is working hard on securing your data and privacy, increasing transparency and upgrading its services.
Honestly, every month there’s something new keeping us quite busy.

Featured Upgrades:

Shopping in Instagram Stories:

Create more engaging and interactive shopping experiences by incorporating product decals to your Instagram Stories.
Users viewing your narrative will have the ability to get product information and other details, and they will also have the ability to click through to your cellular site to create a purchase.

Augmented Reality for the Messenger:

With over 1.3 billion active users on Messenger, Facebook has declared in May that manufacturers now can incorporate AR in their Messenger experience.

Visual messaging is a highly effective way for individuals to contact each other; in 2017 alone individuals shared over 500 billion emoji and 18 billion GIFs in Messenger.

The advantages of using AR for brands is the inspiration and buying decision are intertwined, clients do not need to wait till they go to your brick and mortar to try out the item on and make a determination, but by simply opening their camera they can experience trying your product and finalize the purchase while on-the-go.

Facebook Local:

Facebook has listened to the people and has made many adjustments and updates to help small businesses flourish, keep reading to how do your regional business can get more exposure.
Facebook had redesigned pages on mobile in a lot of ways like now you can make a reservation, see photos, upcoming events and provides and, you can view Stories on Pages.

Playable Ads arrives

Playable Ads are geared towards gambling marketers that are aiming to achieve new players.

The stated attribute enables people to check out a game before they install it so as to find out whether it’s something they will be into or not.

Playable Ads are also expected to induce higher-intent installs, since those who have already experimented with the sport are more likely to really play after installing it in their devices.

Music on Facebook:

Facebook is finding more ways for you to talk about and express yourself on its own platform, you can now share songs on Facebook Stories.

Expanding Lip Sync Live into Pages. It’s a excellent chance for creators to share their music with their fans.

Moreover, Facebook Will add lyrics to Lip Sync Live as well.
Additionally, Facebook will launch Music Profile, so anyone can add their favorite song or share what they’re listening to in a new music section in their profile.

Mobile-optimised redesign for Facebook Pages

Last August, Facebook declared that Facebook Pages are getting a makeover to make them more optimized for mobile viewing.
This upgrade makes company pages easier to navigate. Performing certain actions like reserving appointments or ordering a product also needs to get simpler for users.

Video Metrics Updates

Facebook also recently upgraded its video advertising metrics so as to help advertisers get a better grip on authentic video participation, and optimize video creative based on these behaviours.

Facebook Dating:

Facebook is dipping its toes in the dating world. It was declared from the F8, that Facebook is thinking about helping people find love at exactly the exact same program they visit everyday.

Users will create a dating profile different from their personal profile and possible matches will be recommended based on relationship tastes, things in common, and mutual friends.
Facebook Dating is currently rolling out in Canada.

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