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Best Road Trip Planning Apps


Some people just dig road trips. I’m one of them. I actually don’t mind driving for 20 hours straight, instead of taking a flight. Plus, it’s not just the destination. You get to see a lot more on your way to the destination. Travelling by roads lets me explore a lot more than on a flight. You can’t see much through that tiny aeroplane window. It looks like a view from Google Earth. In fact, Google Earth zooms better and shows more details. Since I’m currently residing in Birmingham, I take many road trips to Leeds, Hoover, Bessemer, and Trussville with my friends. With a subscription to Spectrum Double Play, I have managed to download some amazing apps on my phone for road trips. I can easily handle everything on the trip including navigation, trip planning, so on and so forth.

For your next lengthy expedition or your next summer travel plan, I have assimilated some of the best road trip planner apps. Most of them are free too! All you need is to hit the download button, and you are good to go.


Let’s see which apps have topped the list.

  1. Roadtrippers 


As the slogan and name suggest, this is perhaps the only app that facilitates travellers with maps. I may sound a little hyperbolic, but yes, this app can actually find you anything and everything virtually that you may need along your way.

If you open Roadtrippers, you will find tons of millions of locations, which include local diners and even roadside attractions. Google Maps does not include them. One amazing feature is that once you have successfully outlined the road trip, you can easily share it with travel buddies. They can then make suggestions. Sounds fun!

  1. GasBuddy 


People tend to use road trip apps essentially because they think they will save time and money. Well, I’m not sure about other apps but, GasBuddy actually promises that. Basically, it is a community-driven forum that helps travellers locate the most economical gas prices so that they don’t have to pay a full price.

The only difference is that, with this particular app, you can easily subscribe to GasBuddy Pay and you get additional savings. 15 cents per gallon to be precise, on the very first fill-up, and then 5 cents a gallon on the fill-ups following the first.

  1. Waze 


Just like Roadtrippers, Waze also revolves around social interaction. The difference is that it lets the community decide as to which routes are better to take. Travellers using this app can easily report nearby collisions, traffic jams, and police radars so that other users can avoid those routes. Hence, they help each other save time and avoid inconvenience.

You will also find the most affordable gas prices around, as reported by the community. Waze is undoubtedly the best way to save time and money.

  1. HotelTonight 


We have all been there. While on the road, you get too tired and you have this severe craving to hit the bed. You are dreading the tedious drill to look for hotels, but you are concerned about your budget too. You are double minded and you also cannot take the risk of sleepy driving, even with loud music. Worry no more! Hotel Tonight is just right for you. Specialized in last-moment hotel deals, economical fares, and equipped with location tracking, Hotel Tonight is a wonderful app. It makes booking a room possible in three simple taps, and just one seamless swipe.

  1. Spotify  


Road trips are impossible without music. I’m not a big fan of roaring woofers in the car. They distract me a bit too much from focusing on the scenery around. I like to play them with my headphones on. Spotify is one of those amazing apps where you can easily find all the incredible music hits of all times. Save yourself from the torture of listening to a handful of same songs on repeat.

With Spotify, you can handpick songs for your own playlists, from a massive repository of 30 million songs.

Just make sure that you download all these amazing apps before you hit the road. These were my top picks for the travel apps. Now I plan to update my music collection. For that, I may need a better internet speed.  but I’m not worried. I just have to contact Spectrum Customer Service Number to find the subscription package just right for my streaming and downloading needs. Maybe I’ll share my new playlist with you in my next blog post.


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