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10 Most Asked Questions about International Travel

10 Most Asked Questions about International Travel

I’ve been traveling around the globe for as far back as I can remember (which easily means for the bulk of my adult life). My parents, both of whom were diplomats, were mostly responsible for this constant movement. With time, they taught me how to use travel as a way of relieving stress, and adding some much-needed zing to my life. And looking back, after having my passport stamped by the authorities in over 100 different countries, I couldn’t be more thankful to them. Even today, they still continue to exercise a lot of influence over my travel plans. Ever since I got them Xfinity Double Play connection, they have made it a point to hand me a list of things to do whenever I plan a trip.

Parents are like that – or so I’ve heard.

Getting ‘Local’ is What Travelling is all about…

In order to truly enjoy any overseas experience, I’ve found that you really need to immerse yourself in the local culture. This means agreeing to most (but not all) of the invitations of the natives when they’re made to you. In particular, this means dining on their strange-looking cuisines and drinking their liquors. You may also be required to partake in possibly dangerous religious or social rituals – which can be great fun if you’re an adrenaline junkie.

Once in South Korea, I was offered a bottle of snake wine to down with some barely-cooked squid tentacles. The said beverage is a local delicacy in many parts of Southeast Asia. It is brewed by drowning a living adult snake (preferably of a poisonous species) in rice or barleywine. Once the snake’s heart stops beating, its scaled skin starts to release certain flavorful chemical compounds. These change the texture of the surrounding alcohol and give it a cold, moldy taste.

Experiencing Some Extreme Customs

I can still recall the horrible, slippery taste of the dead cobra head as it brushed against my lips with the first sip.  And wet nausea that gripped me for the next two days; making me want to puke at the sight of any liquid. So if you’re thinking about spending a vacation to this part of the world, I’d strongly recommend some culinary caution. Especially if you have a weak stomach, and aren’t too good with reading bottle labels.


And be particularly warned about the local (normally teenage and young adult) pranksters. These guys (and girls) get a huge ‘kick’ out of having some fun with tourists. And nothing rocks their boat as much as when they get their devilish hands on some gullible Americans. As I often find out to my expense…

Sad, but true.

10 Most Asked-about Traveling Questions

When I click on any travel-related website or online forum, I often feel overwhelmed by people asking the ‘same old, same old’ types of questions. And I guess this is because people are people – most of whom have some kind of OCD lurking somewhere about their ‘businesses’.

I would know because I’m exactly like that. And unless I get multiple reassurances from different people regarding the same query, I keep on asking.

Because you can never be too sure about things when traveling, right?

Over here, I’ve listed 10 of the most frequently asked questions related to international traveling. And like the good human being that I am, I’ve given my one-line responses underneath.


Don’t want to bog you down with a lot of lengthy reading!

  1. Will Traveling Oversees Drain My Bank Account?

It totally depends on your budget and affordability. But in my experience, I’ve seen that a couple of thousand dollars in the bank are often enough to take you to most places.

  1. Developed or Developing World Travel?

Again, this depends on your sight-seeing and cultural preferences. But judging from experience, I’ve found my developing world trips to be the most personally transformative.

  1. Is Soul-Searching in the ‘East’ a Real Thing, or Just a Tourism Fad?

This is not a fad people. I actually recovered my lost faith in humanity (and God) on a chance trip to the Himalayas. Yeah, exactly like what happened in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’…

  1. Can I get ‘American’ or European food on the other side of the Meridian?

Of course, you can. And better!

  1. How Do I Stop Attracting Too Much Local Attention?

That’s easy. Start by not thinking too much about yourself.

  1. Should I Get into a Fling with a Local?

A big YES!

  1. Should I Say ‘No’ Often?

Start with being politely diplomatic, and say ‘No’ on the fourth approach.

  1. Are TripAdvisor reviews reliable?

Very few, in my opinion. And they tend to make you overly cautious.

  1. Dating Internationally on Tinder?

Avoid it like the plague!

  1. Should I Get a Tattoo?

I would really advise against it.

These were the 10 most pressing questions I found scribbled on sites like Quora and Reddit; last I checked with my Xfinity Basic Cable internet subscription. And I know that this list isn’t exhaustive – but for most, I think it’ll do…

10 Most Asked Questions about International Travel
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10 Most Asked Questions about International Travel
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