Best 5 Ways To Solve Hanging Problem In Android Smartphone

mobile hanging problem

Android Phone Hanging Issue Solution Tips

There are a huge number of Android clients around the globe and expanding, however, do you know each second Android client are confronting the issue identified with hanging or Freezing in their Android cell phones even those telephones which are accessible at high prices. So, today I will share on 5 Tips to take care of the Hanging issue in Android Smartphone.

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We as a whole realize that Android is outstanding amongst other working System for mobiles and a great many people groups have Android telephones, few people groups imagines that there Android cell phone hanging issue happens because of blunders or bugs in Android OS.

Android telephone hanging issues happen because of a few reasons so in case you’re confronting a similar issue at that point take after these tips.

  1. Increase Memory by Deleting Unwanted Data

Do realize that relatively every site utilizes store to expand the page speed of a site? At whatever point you went to a site you telephone naturally store the which is otherwise called treats and reserves.

This undesirable information will be put away in your telephone memory which prompts diminishing the accessible memory for applications and different records.


This issue can unravel effortlessly from setting.

Go to setting>>Storage>>Click on the store and tap on the alright to clear reserves.

2. Move Installed Application to the outside memory

In the event that you utilize excessively use of your cell phone then you can move few applications to the outside memory. Moving applications to the outer memory are the most ideal approach to exhaust the storage room of your telephone.

You can introduce applications straightforwardly in the outer memory cards and you can set the outside memory card as default memory.

3. Use outer memory to spare Songs and different documents

An excessive amount of utilization of telephone memory is the principle motivation to got telephone hang. To take care of the hanging issue in your Android telephone spare your tunes, recordings and other information.

You can move your records to the outer memory and by choosing outside memory as default memory stores photographs and video which clicked by Camera.

To influence the outer memory as default memory to peruse the second tip.

4. Factory reset choices (Not Recommended)

I for one don’t suggest this strategy since it isn’t comfortable with the majority of the Android users. Factory reset is the last technique to erase every single undesirable record which originates from programs, sites, Apps and so on.

Manufacturing plant reset erased all records, applications, contacts, updates, so the majority of the android doesn’t utilize this choice.

Secure Process of Factory Reset:

Production line process may erase your own information like contacts, notices so you clients must need to take after the protected procedure before playing out the industrial facility reset alternative.

At whatever point you perform plant reset process always remembered to take Backup of all your files. You can move this reinforcement records to the outer SD card.

5. Use Cloud Storage

Utilize Clout stockpiling to store your documents which you need to put something aside for the future. Store just those records on your memory card which you required each day and transfer those documents to the distributed storage which required later on.

Big Notification

Toward the finish of the post 5 Tips to take care of the Hanging issue in Android Smartphone, I can state that you cherished this post. To find out about Android tips continue going by on Eve tip.



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