What is python used for, Features of Python

what is python?

Python is general purpose computer programming language. Python can be used for pretty much anything . It’s one of the most versatile languages in the programming world. With the vast amount of libraries help for programmer available, it makes coding much simpler.

what is python used for?

Specially, Python is used for robotics , web development, Internet of Things, numerical and scientific computing,  natural language processing, and many more.

 Python Easy to Understand

Python is easy to understand as compared to other programming languages . With Easy syntax, coding standards python considered as a stepping stone into the world of programming.

Python is helpful programming language in creating a solid base for the beginners programmers career ahead of C and C++.

 Python Very Flexible

As a dynamically typed programming language, Dynamic type means that run-time objects (values) have a type, as opposed to static typing where variables have a type.

Python is really flexible. In  Python Variables have no type. Only the object that a variable references has a type.

Example – Variables are simply names pointing to objects. like var = 5 makes the variable name var to refer to the integer 5. Other one, var = “hello” makes the variable name var to refer to a string containing “hello” word.

Static typed programming languages would have you declare int var and then var = 5, but assigning var = “hello” would have been a compile time error.

So there are no hard rules for coding. on how to build features, and you’ll have more flexibility solving problems with different logic and  methods.

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