Intro To Python First Program With Example

Intro to Python: Writing Your First Program

So here we will discuss about the programming concept and watch the video of first python program with example. Writing your own coding in python.

Some Background on Programming

To Understand the python first program. we consider you may be a beginner, let’s start with asking the question:

  • What is programming?

Programming is basically talking to your computer and asking it to do certain task. This is done through set of instructions. The big issue here is that the computer doesn’t speak English, Chines, or any other language traditionally used for communicate between humans.

There are different programming languages like Python, C, Java, etc. have been created to develop programs that perform simple commands that computers can understand.

It is common to be problems, confusions and frustrated when learning a programming language for the first time because it requires different way approach to solve problems.

When writing code, think about the task and computer as something that will only do exactly what you tell it to do, with following the the order you want.

Creating Your First Python Program Watch Video

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