Korean Countries, North-South Agree to Hold Family Reunion Meets in August

North and South Korea Agree to Hold Reunions of Families Dividations

Appointments from North and South Korea concurred on Friday to organize the main reunions in three long stretches of a portion of the families isolated by the 1950-53 Korean War.

The reunions — booked for August 20 to August 26 — are among steps guaranteed by North Korean pioneer Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Korean Countries Hold Family Reunion

“The entire world is wondering about the stunning advancements between the North and South,” said Pak Yong-il, the pioneer of the North Korean designation at the discussions that occurred at a lodging in North Korea’s vacationer goal of Mount Kumgang.

The reunions will be held at Mount Kumgang, the two sides stated, with 100 individuals from each side to be met missing relatives from the opposite side.

The primary reunions were held in 1985. Around 20 have been held from that point forward with the toward the end in 2015.

Since 2000, around 23,676 isolated Koreans, from both North and South, have either met or connected through video-interface as a major aspect of the program, the Hyundai Research Institute think tank said.