5 Golden Talisman to Enhance Conversion Rates of Your Email Campaigns

Success Rate of Email Marketing Campaigns

The digital revolution has introduced a series of changes in the business world in the last 2 decades. It is interesting to note that in the present decade many of the start-ups or small businesses either completely depend upon online business for their survival and success or proactively use the digital media for creating a market for their products and services.


Initially, you need to design an excellent website and buy best hosting plans to offer ideal user experience. However, that does not guarantee you the success. You also need expertise in marketing and making long-term customer relations. Email marketing is a traditional yet one of the strongest strategies for marketing and branding purpose. While many of the businesses are engaged in some sort of email marketing not everyone does it the right way and that prevents them from extracting maximum benefits out of their email marketing endeavours. So, if you are also a hosting reseller looking to gain a good success with email marketing then these 5 golden rules might be helpful for you to increase opening and conversion rate:

Rule#1: The matter and spirit of the subject

The subject plays the vital role in deciding the success rate of your email marketing campaigns. Be short, simple and direct. Avoid lengthy lines that may look Oh-so-boring to the readers. Investing less in the volume and more in the value can dramatically improve the opening rate of your emails. It’s more than just an assumption.

Now the major question is

“How to determine the ideal length of your subject line? “

Here’s the quick answer. Each character exceeding the count of 70 slims down the impact and can reduce the opening rate.

Even 70-character is not the ideal limit but the maximum limit- the lesser the better! People don’t have time and even 55-60 characters seem to be lengthy when viewed on a smaller screen of a Smartphone. So, for the best impact your subject line should not exceed 50 characters.

Mimic miserly people while writing the subject line

Moreover, act miserly while writing the subject lines. You know how miserly people act while shopping? They weigh the worth of each product several times before they spend their precious dollars on being the same.  In the same way, you need to think about the impact of each word, nay, each letter before you spend it. It assures that each word of your subject is competent enough to leave a long-lasting impact on the reader, make them curious and proactively pursue them to read the entire mail with a positive mindset.

Rule#2: The time of sending the emails

It is best to put into the team efforts to create a wonderful email that is fully capable of leaving the right impact on the desired audience. Understandably that can only be done during the business hours. So duty hours are the best time to prepare the email but it isn’t the right time to send one.

Send the emails to the recipients when they are free

On the contrary, the emails sent after duty hours, i.e., after 8:00 PM, is found to achieve more success in terms of opening and click-through rates. Even such late emails also demonstrate more positive results in terms of final conversions or sales

Constant Monitoring and customization is the key

So, the best time for sending the emails is from 8-12 PM. For even better result divide the emails into several batches and send each batch at a separate hour with the equal gap for the sake of easy monitoring. For instance send the 1st batch of 5 emails at 8 PM, the next batch of 5 emails at 9 PM, the third batch at 10 PM and 2 more batches at 11 and 12 respectively. Now monitor the results separately to evaluate the success rate of email sent during each hour. It will help you decide the specific hour that works best for you.

The science of the success

  • Two of the reasons behind more success of the emails sent during such hours are that firstly the people tend to be more receptive while reading your emails if they are free from their daily duties.
  • Secondly, most of the email marketing emails are sent during the business hours that automatically reduce the competition when you sent mail after business hours.

But keep in mind….

However there is no set yardstick and what works best for some could be worst for the others. That is why you should tentatively test the ideal timings by sending emails at different times. Start with sending the emails after business hours at different hours as we explained above and study the pattern of outcome to know what is the best time for you to send the emails in order to enjoy a greater success rate.

Rule#3: Freebie in every email  

Everyone likes a freebie and your readers are no different. In fact, you can utilize the freebie strategy into driving more success to your email marketing campaign. Not that it is a new strategy but you need to use it the ideal way.

The gift that is valued

Just giving freebie is not enough. You also need to make sure that you should give something that is liked and valued by the readers.

  • For example, the whitepaper that you have prepared painstakingly might look a precious possession to you but your readers do not necessarily think in the same way. For them, it could be a “massive headache” that they don’t care about. Especially if you are following an earlier motioned strategy of sending the emails after business hours then avoid sending such materials at any cost.
  • You should rather send something that can be utilized by the clients instantly and customized to gain more benefits out of their digital presence. Send something great. Who doesn’t like to get more traffic!
  • You can send the readers a downloadable traffic generator tool that can allow them to increase their traffic or make it easier for them to create a list of the potential target group based on different parameters and containing useful information like contact details, social profiles etc.
  • Likewise, you can send them an SEO friendly template for creating their industry-specific blog.
  • Easy graphics creator, SEO tools and other meeting tools could also be valued.

We know that you know but still….

Needless to say, mention the freebie in your subject line. Such subject line not only prompts theses to open the mail but can also play a vital role in increasing the click-through rate

  • With the strategic approach, you can also increase the conversion chances.
  • For instance, you can send the free trial version (limited features and limited period) of your premium product that you wish to sell.
  • Similarly, you can also fix some condition in order to get the access to the freebie, like liking your facebook page or sharing your post that can ultimately help you in your SMO strategies/?

Rule#4: Mobile First Approach

Mobile first approach is another major positive factor that can boost the performance of your email marketing campaign. In fact, the increasing use of mobile devices to check the mailbox makes it essential to design the emails that are made to look great on mobile devices and users find them easy to navigate/read/interact with using the interface of their mobile device.

  • Responsive design is a must but furthermore, you also need to be concise and more pointed in your approach as the people on the mobile rarely have the time to spend on reading the finer details.
  • Avoid sending a colourful mail as than could look distracting on a mobile device. If you must use colours make sure that you use the resolution that is easy on eyes.
  • Besides, the fonts against the coloured background should be legible and don’t cause stress on eyes
  • Likewise, font size should facilitate reading on a mobile
  • While creating buttons make sure that they are not less than 40 pixels. For the best experience go for 33 pixels as the ideal figure for creating the buttons.
  • It is easy for many users to use their thumb instead of fingers while operating the mobile device. So make sure that your email structure supports thump patting/scrolling. Don’t forget to include most of the takeaway content in the first fold

Rule#5: Ideal days for positive rewards 

Apart from the time, the specific day(s) on which you send the emails can also improve the chances of opening, click and conversion rate. Generally, the people are less inclined to read the non-corporate emails during the weekdays.

  • If you send them the emails on weekends then they are more like to open click through and convert.
  • However if you send them the emails on weekends you can expect a greater success rate. It is because the people can afford to have the extra time to one and read through the non-corporate emails during weekends/?

Besides on the weekends, their inbox is not jammed with too many of emails that allow them to navigate easily through the mails that they care about that increase possibility of your mail being opened and read.

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