Brussels wants us to pay £50 every time we visit Europe after Brexit

Latest News : Brussels wants us to pay £50 each time we visit Europe after Brexit

We could be pay extra £50 each time we need to visit Europe after Brexit. Indeed truly. Under draft designs drawn up by the European Commission (EC), once Britain is not any more an EU part, we might be put on either the ‘visa required’ or the ‘visa free’ rundown.

This implies if Britain is ruled to be where individuals require visas, explorers to Europe could need to pay more than £50 for the correct printed material. A month ago, Brussels uncovered separate intends to charge £7 organization expenses for explorers into the EU, which is probably going to influence Britain when we leave the EU for good. The visa records have been drawn up by Martin Selmayr, the leader of the Cabinet of EU Commission.

There are others options for Britain after we officially leave the EU on January 1, 2021.

  • Visa required list
  • Visa not-required list
  • Time limited access
  • Extra fees

In the meantime, the EU could likewise choose to make UK nationals absolved from visa necessity ‘for remains of close to 90 days in any 180-day duration.’

The last designs are probably going to be uncovered after the arranged UK-EU exchange bargain. Right now, nations like Ukraine have manages the EU to defer visa expenses in the event that they come to more than £50. In the event that no arrangement is accomplished with Britain, we’re probably going to wind up as a visa-required country.

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