Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies For 2018 [BEST UPDATES]

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The trends and developments in Digital marketing that need to be paid attention to are the evolution of chatbots, Videos and storytelling in the visual content and the voice search concept.


Evolution in technology with Chatbots

Technological advancement is always welcome in digital marketing. The year 2018 is moving to a scenario with Brands relying more on the semi-intelligent chatbots for user management. With the development in technology, the chatbots have also seen major changes in the form of artificial intelligence over the years.


Chatbots lack the human touch which could be a negative thing in the consumer-centric marketing world, but these still have proven to have been problem solvers. Thanks to the programming. The interaction with the consumer in the real chat is effective with the bots. Cost saving this way is immense indicating that chatbots are here to stay for long.


Improved features in the visual Content

The improved features in the visual forms of marketing have ensured easy and quick sharing of the content. The short and live forms of videos are now more focused and have swept the social media platforms by means of quick and frequent sharing. The video traffic is expected to take over the online consumer traffic in near future.


Exploring the concept of voice search

Many of us are already familiar with the concept by now. Apple’s introduction of Siri to its iPhone users has shown the light here. The concept is the trend for the future now. Online users are taking up the concept for their searches making it easier to find things on the web.


This will also pave way for the communication and data processing. Why?


The digital marketers have already set out to create content optimized for voice queries.


Making the best use of technologies like predictive analytics, the businesses can know their target audience better. Attracting the audience and retaining them with the digital marketing trends and strategies works towards more revenues and stability of the business.