Tips to Prevent Fire Accident with the Help of Fire Safety Products

Tips to Prevent Fire Accident with the Help of Fire Safety Products

With the right use of fire safety equipment, it becomes realistically possible to decrease the risk of home or industrial fires, which can save life and property from colossal damage.


Hence, it becomes important for every home and business to install the right kind of fire safety equipment.


This piece of writing pens down some important fire safety products and tips that is easy for use and implement. These are highly recommended for ensuring fire safety and preventing home fires.


Smoke detectors and fire alarms

In the event of a fire breakout, if you can alert people at the earliest then people can act promptly to evacuate the building on time, call the fire department immediately, or even subdue confined fires preventing further damage.




the thing is, fire outbreaks take people by surprise when they are least expecting it.


An unprecedented fire outbreak may emanate from unattended heat sources like a cooking stove, gas heater, burning candles, and even decorative lights.


If proper fire safety equipment is not installed even the smallest of fires, can grow and spread to wreck havoc.


To ensure efficient and optimum use of smoke alarms follow these tips:

  • Install a smoke detector on every level of your home preferably in every bedroom
  • Do not install smoke detectors near windows, ducts, or doors
  • Smoke detectors need to be inspected regularly and maintained in a good working condition
  • You need to replace the batteries annually and make sure to replace the detectors every 10 years.


In contemporary times, there are several kinds of smoke detectors. In a residential setting, photoelectric alarms are the expert’s choice as they are effective for all kinds of fire.


On the other hand, ionization sensors react faster to fires that become large in quick succession.


However, they do not prove to be as effective in case of slow burning or smoldering fires that generates a lot of smoke than heat.




trending residential buildings prefer to install a combination alarm that uses both ionization and photoelectric processes.


Some of the alarms even have the capacity to detect monoxides, which comes handy if you are using fuel-burning space heaters in your home.


These days there are more complex fire alarm systems. These are a combination of smoke and heat detectors connected to a fire alarm control panel. Make it a perfect fit for commercial buildings.


These systems do have the capability to relay the alarm directly to fire departments, trigger automatic sprinklers, sirens, and emergency lights to warn everyone in the building about the problem.


How and when to use fire extinguishers

While smoke detectors are meant for alerting you about an emergency. Fire extinguishers are active fire protection devices that can help you to subdue small fires or at least control them until the firefighters arrive.




it is advisable to keep a portable fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Cooking-related activities are the most common causes of domestic fire outbreak.


Likewise, you can install them near your fireplace or space heaters. While using these one needs to adopt utmost caution as overconfidence can lead to great harm.


Hence, before you try to cope with the fire situation make sure that:

  • Everyone is safe and no one is left stuck in the premises
  • The fire is not spreading and restricted to a certain area
  • The room has not been engulfed in smoke and a safe escape route has been secured
  • The fire department has been informed


If there is an impending necessity to use a fire extinguisher then remember the word PASS i.e. pull the pin, aim at the base of the fire, squeeze the lever, and sweep from side to side.


While using it make sure that the nozzle points away from you and try to subdue the fire at its source.  Squeeze the lever in a controlled manner and sweep until all flames are extinguished. You need to watch over the place for some time because re-ignition is possible.


Make sure to remove any inflammable substance from the vicinity of the fire. This includes paper, clothes, or anything else that can easily catch fire from overheating.


Even if you have managed to extinguish the fire, you are advised to have the surroundings inspected by the fire department. Finally, make sure to place the fire extinguishers in floor gently on the sides. Do not forget to refill them when you are done.

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