Zipker – Online shopper’s ultimate ethnic delight

Overview of E-commerce industry

E-commerce – Truly Synonymous to Growth!

Ecommerce growth projections are on an upward trajectory that has directly impacted small and medium to large enterprises.

Statistics reveal that the growth of ecommerce companies has skyrocketed across the board – In just a short span of time! As per the industry experts, the growth projections for the Indian Ecommerce industry is expected to increase from $39 billion in 2017 to $120 billion in 2020 – 51% annual growth rate – By far the highest  growth!

This has hugely tempted the start-ups. Consequently, the Indian fashion industry is spawning numerous start-ups who are aiming to capture more market share in the coming years. A great sign of progression!

Key factors that accounts for this tremendous growth:

Undoubtedly, Internet and smartphone penetration has triggered this growth. This has offered opportunities not only to big fishes, but many vertical players too. They have made a strong hold in the Ethnic Online Shopping arena. Zipker is one such name in the e-commerce sector that has made its mark in a short span.

A self-funded ethnic online shopping portal that offers customized and personalized shopping experience to its customers!

Zipker and its growth

Following the global trend, Zipker has also shown a tremendous growth of 300% in 2018 comparing to last year! With their customer-centric approach and delivering exactly what they showcase, has helped Zipker achieve a strong hold in the Indian Ethnic online shopping platform.

Website offers:

  • Finest quality products
  • Huge assortment of new fashion clothing and accessories
  • Attractive, user friendly interface
  • Technology driven functionality that eases the online shopping process
  • Easy payment methods via secured medium – Card or Cash – Both available
  • Delivery via leading courier services
  • World-class packaging
  • Discounts, coupons, offers, referral system
  • 30 days return guaranteed
  • 2-3 normal delivery time
  • Same day delivery option too

Accessibility, Accountability, Affordability at its best at Zipker!

Fashion trends and customer requirements are changing fast, Zipker is changing even faster!

Keeping up with the modern fashion industry trends and demands Zipker has shown tremendous growth and is emerging as India’s finest and most sought after online shopping platform. Deeper and broader assortments of Indian Ethnic dresses, footwear, jewelry, for any age, any occasion, is presented here.

We have millions of style centric products that make every occasion extra special.

  • Ethnic dresses like Lehengas, Sarees, Suits for women and girls
  • Western dresses like gowns, one piece dresses, party dresses, tops
  • Finest Fashion Jewelry – Contemporary and Traditional both
  • Classy Watches

A fully integrated website that offer omni-channel features that eases the whole shopping experience.

  • Click and collect
  • Easy tracking
  • Easy return
  • Check stock online
  • No hassle, no long queues for payment
  • Fast and safe

Our stylish handpicked fashion store is revolutionary and ravishing!

Soon we are venturing into our own manufacturing unit that will produce quality products at the best prices, under best craftsmanship.

Easy shopping in an inspiring environment – Beyond bricks, just on clicks!

About Company

Customer is everywhere so are we – all platforms, all time available – with the most expansive range of ethnic wear!

Zipker – A unique blend of style, culture and excellence!

Redefines your online shopping experience by bringing your retail world to your doorstep. Cater the best Ethnic products from the best artisans in India.  Massive selection of contemporary as well as traditional styles are available here. Easy to buy, easy to pay, easy to return – Zipker is truly a technological masterpiece.

Comprehends each unique demand and delivers as intended – Best in quality, best in price!

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 2018


Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 2018

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